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University of British Columbia 2022 International Tuition Awards for Masters & PhD Students

2022 International Tuition Awards assist international graduate students with their tuition fees if they are registered full-time in research-oriented master’s and doctoral programs at UBC – Vancouver campus.


Students are eligible for the 2022 International Tuition Awards if they meet the following criteria:

  • Students must be assessed for international tuition fees. Students can review their tuition assessments by logging into the Student Service Centre.
  • Students must be registered full-time in one of the eligible graduate programs. For program eligibility and award amount, check your graduate program listing under Graduate Degree Programs (see Tuition / Program Costs box)
  • Students who receive external funding (e.g., their home government, Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship, or other funding agencies like CIDA, WUSC, DAAD, CONACYT, CONICYT, NSF, etc.) for their tuition which is equal to or higher than the value of the International Tuition Award are not eligible. Students who receive external funding toward their tuition which is lower than the value of the International Tuition Award will have their International Tuition Award reduced by the amount of the external tuition funding.

The University reserves the right to change the value of this scholarship without notice.

Check Your Eligibility Minimum Academic Requirements | English Language Requirements | Other Tests

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies establishes the minimum admission requirements common to all applicants. Check first if you can meet those absolute minimums. Keep in mind that:

  • each graduate program that you are applying to may have additional requirements that you will find in the Graduate Degree Program listing and on the program website
  • entry to UBC is competitive, i.e. each year we receive way more applicants who meet all our requirements than we can accept. Meeting minimum and program requirements is not a guarantee that you will be admitted.

Applicants from a university outside Canada in which English is not the primary language of instruction must provide results of an English language proficiency examination as part of their application.

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Some of our programs require additional components, such as GRE or GMAT scores, as well as a certain course or degree requirements.

Click here to check your eligibility now

Application Procedures

Student Responsibilities

  • New students must register for courses in the upcoming term in order for the system to permit the award to be assigned to their SSC account
  • Students do not need to apply, as all international students who are eligible are automatically considered for this scholarship. Awards are assigned on the Student Information System, and, once assigned, can be viewed by logging onto the Student Service Centre (SSC).
  • Students must verify that they meet the eligibility requirements for accepting the scholarship online, via the Student Service Centre.
  • The scholarship is paid in 3 equal installments – one at the beginning of each term. September and January installments are assigned in late August each year. May installment is assigned in late April each year.
  • Students who become Landed Immigrants or Permanent Residents while enrolled at UBC are required to provide a copy of their Record of Landing to the Registrar’s Office. If an international student becomes a Landed Immigrant on or before the tuition fee due date of the term, domestic fees will be assessed for that term. If an international student becomes a Landed Immigrant after the first tuition fee due date, domestic fees will be assessed for the following term. Landed Immigrant status is attained as of the “Landed on” date (box 45) indicated on the Record of Landing, not the Date Issued.
  • Students are no longer eligible to receive the International Tuition Award once they are assessed domestic tuition fees. As a result, their International Tuition Award will be pro-rated to the end of the last term for which they were assessed international tuition fees.
  • Students who have not been assigned the International Tuition Award by the start of the term and believe themselves to be eligible should contact the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (all emails should include your student number)

Annual Value

  • Up to $3,200 per year


  • International

Degree Level

  • Masters

Meet 2022 International Tuition Awards Application Deadline

International students are automatically considered for this award. No application is required.

All deadlines are program specific and can range from November of the previous year to April of a year for a September intake. The most important deadline is the application deadline. Without meeting the application deadline, a file may not be considered for evaluation. No changes can be made to the application after submission. Graduate programs can set two other deadlines – which may be the same as the application deadline or provide slightly more time to complete specific actions:

  • Transcript deadline: Deadline to upload scans of official transcripts through the applicant portal in support of a submitted application. Information for accessing the applicant portal will be provided after submitting an online application for admission.
  • Referee Deadline: The deadline for the referees identified in the application for admission to submit references. See Letters of Reference for more information.

You have full access to all deadlines in the degree program listing or review an overview of application deadlines below.

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