Send text message online

Are you looking for a way to send text message online via computer?
There are two ways to do that. You don’t need a mobile phone to send text message. You can text from computer to any of you family member cell phone.
However, without using mobile phone or Modem, you need an internet to send text message online.
So we are going to show you how to send text message from your computer to a cell phone
Quickly let me talk about and how you can send text message online via open texting online for free text.


Opentextingonline is a free online text message website that enable users to send text messages free online without using mobile phone but send text from your computer to mobile phones using website.
The don’t request for any registration or asking members to login, before they can send text message using their website.

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All text messages are free of charges unlike other that asked to register before you can send message.
The only thing want is an internet connection only.

How To Send text message online

At this point, to send text message online from PC to cell phone or other mobile devices, you will need to know your recipient’s wireless carrier, and sometimes you don’t while can help you.

  1. Go to Kindly copy the link and paste it on your browser.
  2. Please no registration or Login is required
  3. Select your destination country as part of your recipients
  4. Enter the mobile which can be optional.
  5. Now enter your mobile phone number
  6. If you will wish to receive a message when your text message delivered then kindly enter your email address.
  7. Now compose your message and enter the security code provided on your screen.
  8. Click “SEND FREE TEXT” button.