Keep Up With MTV BASE TV SCHEDULE Spanking New Premiere Time

Keep Up With MTV BASE TV SCHEDULE Spanking New Premiere Time.

Do you want to catch up with the MTV Spanking New Premiere and the other MTV Base shows?


MTV BASE TV SCHEDULE Spanking New Premiere:

Every day you MTVbase gives you a super new track you have not have not watch before. When asked, what could you expect from MTV Base to give you, the urband world’s music authority.
The daily schedule for Spanking new premiere are;

  • 06:59 MTV Base Spanking New Premiere
  • 10:59 MTV Base Spanking New Premiere
  • 16:00 MTV Base Spanking New Premiere
  • 20:00 MTV Base Spanking New Premiere


MTV Base is on all crazy stories and event that are going down right now.
This is the only show that gives viewers all the news that’s trending in and around the world in all of 5 to 6 minutes. The MTV Base NewsISH disscuse base on entertainment, music, fashion, and everything that matters.
Here are the time you can watch the MTV BASE NewsISH.

  • 06:00 MTV BASE NewsISH
  • 11:59 MTV BASE NewsISH
  • 16:59 MTV BASE NewsISH
  • 17: 00 MTV BASE NewsISH

MTV Base Urban Collabos:

The Urban Collabos gives you something to watch as artists team up to produce great music.This teamwork at it;s best while you are enjoying the MTV hottest Urban Collabos.
Urban Collabos time schedule;

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  • 13:59 MTV Base Urban Collabos

You will be able to catch up with Urban Collabos once in a day.


Mzansi Hip Hop Top 10:

MTV Base bring the countdown hottest Hip Hop songs MZansi has to offer with great selection.
The Time schedule is;

  • 12:59 MTV Base Mzansi Hip Hop Top 10

BASE Artist Top 20:

You will enjoy watching BASE Artist Top 20 songs by one artist. Here is your weekly countdown of your MTV Base favourite artise.
Here is the MTV Base time schedule.

  • Time – 20:05 MTV Base BASE Artist Top 20

Triple Threat:

Here is your hottest tracks your favourite artist has ever prepared in a three ways battle with two other artists which brought to your by MTVbase.
Here is the time schedule for Triple Threat.

  • Time – 15:14 MTV Base Triple Threat

Other MTV Base Schedule:

  • Time – 06:04 MTV Base Rise, Hustle & Grind
  • Time – 07:04 MTV Base House No322
  • Time – 07:59 MTV Base Top 10
  • Time – 09:04 MTV Base Hot 9 Hour
  • Time – 10:14 MTV Base House Warming
  • Time – 17:04 MTV Base Classic House
  • Time – 17:59 REWIND
  • Time – 18:29 MTV Base Face Off
  • Time – NOW MTV Base Jozi to Lagos
  • Time – 21:30 MTV Base …On Repeat
  • Time – 23:00 MTV Base #Throwback
  • Time – 23:59 MTV Base Insomnia