Mexican Government Scholarship 2023 – How to Apply

Mexican government scholarship 2023 is open now. We are pleased to inform you that applications for the Mexico Government Scholarship for the academic year 2023–2024 are currently being accepted. About two years later, the Mexico government scholarship 2023 became available. During the COVID Era, it was shut down. The Mexican Government Scholarship comes with total funding. The Government of Mexico’s Government Funded Scholarships of Achievement is open to all foreign students from more than 180 nations. Under this scholarship scheme, students who pursue their master’s, bachelor’s, specialty, doctorate, and post-graduate research degrees.

Brief Details about Mexican Government Scholarship 2023:

  • Scholarship Name: Fully Funded Mexican Government Scholarship 2023
  • Country of Scholarship: Mexico
  • Programs Offered: Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate, and specializations
  • Institute name: Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Duration: Bachelors (4 Years), Master’s Degree (2 years), Graduate-level Research and Postdoctoral Fellowship (12 months), Specialization (1 year), Doctoral Programs (3 or 4 years), Medical Specialization and sub-specialization (3 years)
  • What Is the Last Date? 24th July 2023

About University

SRE invites international students who are interested in studying in Mexico to apply for the “Call for Scholarships of Excellence of the Government of Mexico for Foreigners 2023” at the specialty, master’s, doctor of philosophy, and postgraduate data analysis levels, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate student mobility programs.

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Through a number of bilateral treaties, multilateral initiatives, and special agreements, the fellowships are made available to more than 180 nations. More than 70 universities in Mexico take part, and each of them offers education programs that have been registered as National Quality Graduate Programs with CONACYT, the country’s council for science and technology. These initiatives show Mexico’s advancements in the humanities and sciences.

Successful Candidates Will Get Below Benefits?

  • There will be a monthly allowance under the Funded Mexican Government Scholarship.
  • The monthly payment for maintenance is equal to 4 (four) times the monthly value of the Measurement and Updating Unit (UMA), which is now comparable to 11,700.36 Mexican pesos per month, is required for Bachelor’s level, Specialization, Master’s degree, or research stay at the Master’s level. UMA is subject to any modifications mandated by legislation (The maintenance is delivered at the end of the month).
  • A monthly maintenance payment of 5 (five) times the monthly worth of the (UMA), which is now equal to 14,625.45 in Mexican pesos, is required for Ph.D. scholarships, doctoral and postdoctoral academic stays, and medical specializations and sub-specialties.
  • Tuition and registration fees
  • A Few Free Travels.
  • Medical insurance coverage is provided by the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), whose validity will start on the seventh month of the scholarship and last for the length of the award.
  • Price of a Visa
  • International flight travel when the scholarship has been satisfactorily completed. The ticket will be issued in tourist class and in accordance with the flight path selected for AMEXCID’s maximum convenience.

Do you Need To Submit The Below Documents To Apply For This Mexican Government Scholarship 2023?

  • A completed and signed application for a scholarship.
  • A letter outlining your motivations for doing the study or research in Mexico. (Maximum 2 pages, single-line spacing, letter Arial size 12).
  • Three a resume. (Maximum 3 pages, single-line spacing, Arial, size 12).
  • A letter of academic acceptance from the Mexican institution or an entrance decision from the HEI (see Requirements section of the acceptance letter).
  • A letter promising to go back to one’s own country.
  • A letter accepting the conditions of the Call.
  • A copy of the birth record.
  • Copy of the valid passport in color and in open book format or government-issued photo ID.
  • A copy of a medical certificate attesting to the applicant’s good health that was issued by a public or private health facility no more than 3 (three) months before the application was presented.
  • If Spanish is not the applicant’s first language, they must provide a copy of a certificate attesting to their advanced proficiency in the language, which must at least be at the level of B2 in the Common European Reference Framework, in order for the institution to receive accreditation.
  • Letter in which the applicant protests to express the truth and declares that the information given is accurate.
  • All paperwork must be presented in Spanish or with Spanish translations.

Course offered by Mexican Government Scholarship 2023:

Mexican Government Scholarship for International Students is offering all academic fields including medical fields and majors which are Fully Registered with the Government of Mexico.

You Have To Fulfill The Below Requirements If You Want To Apply:

  • The program for which the scholarship is requested requires a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degree.
  • Applicants who don’t currently reside in Mexico.
  • Have been accepted into, or be enrolled in, a program at one of the participating Mexican universities in the Call.
  • Students with nationalities from any of the aforementioned nations may apply for scholarships.
  • The candidate’s outstanding academic performance in the desired field of study.
  • Scholarships will be given based on academic achievement.
  • The research topic is crucial to and directly affects the applicant’s nation’s growth.
  • The program must be tied to particular ongoing or authorized initiatives that have an influence on the development of the applicant’s nation, and it must be relevant to the applicant’s desired field of study or specialty in Mexico.
  • All paperwork and forms must be provided in Spanish or with Spanish translations.
  • Earn a final completed academic degree with a minimum grade point average of 85 (on a scale of 0 to 100, or 8.5 on a scale of 10) or its equivalent.
  • Have a minimum Common European Framework of Reference B2 level in Spanish.

Deadline For Application?

The last date to apply for this scholarship is 24th July 2023.

To register for a Mexico Government Scholarship 2023, visit the online application website. For details on how to

How to Apply

  • Use Academic Cooperation Management System (SIGCA) to submit an online application:
  • Submissions must be registered in Spanish.
  • Between June 20, at 6:00 p.m., and July 24, at 11:59 p.m. Central Mexico time, the SIGCA site will be accepting submissions. For this, it is required that the supporting paperwork be attached in compliance with the System’s and the scholarship’s guidelines.
  • Only one individual will be approved for the request, which is made in a personal capacity. Individual applications and registration.
  • The candidate who has several nationalities may submit a single application, which must be in accordance with one of the nations listed in this Call as eligible. It needs to be provided in accordance with the applicant’s expected nationality.
  • Only applicants that request a scholarship will be considered as part of this announcement’s academic offer.
  • Please go to the official page below to submit an application for the Mexico Government Scholarship 2023.

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