How to Save my Marriage & 5 Sign For a Bad Relationship

How to Save my Marriage & 5 Sign For Bad Relationship

There seems to be a lot of heartbreak these days than never before. It has become a common phenomena.

But over 90% of all breakups have had the alarm bell ringing for as long as; but most times, we are so carried away by love that we forget the handwriting on the wall, to read.

However we are going to give out a sign that can benefit on most successful relationships. Below are 5 sign. Reminders that all might not be well in your relationship.

How to Save my Marriage & 5 Sign For Bad Relationship

If you want to save your marriage or relationship then apply this steps and learn what you need not to do to keep the relationship going. A lot of people don’t know any thing about relationship and marriage but here you can learn how to save my marriage & 5 sign for Bad relationship

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  1. – Always Busy for You:

    According to Tommy Ebenezer said “Love is FREE” following; it is never forced. Someone that truly loves you will be hungry, eager and willing to squeeze some time for you; no matter how tight his or her schedule might be.
    But that some person squeeze out of time to take his bath, brush his teeth, probably eat and seep; yet can seem to squeeze out time for you not even a call.
    Trutg is, people tend to squeeze out time for people they care about.

  2. – Secrecy:

    If your crush does not fee comfortable taking you to his/her place, intoducing you to their frieds know litle or nothing about you and doesn’t care it. Walking tohether with you in the public; then they might not something they are not telling you.
    People are so proud of the people they love that they might bit even care to caring mirophone and annouce it to the whole wide world.

  3. – Communication:

    We are in a global village. In a flash, We could know how someone is fairing. If the person you love hardly calls, If they keep giving you reasons why they they don’t calll, if you’re the person that calls regularly, then watch it because all is not well, regardless of their million and one excuses.
    If someone truly loves you, they would call you. It might not be all the time; but it would never be once in awhile; or whenever you flash them.

  4. -Demand and Supply:

    IT the only time the person that claim he/she loves you comes closer, because caring and loving, tell you all those sexy kind of stuffs you love hearing, is when he/she needs something from you – say sex, help, money or assistance – then you better be on the alert because all might not be well.
    I call this kinf of love “demand and supply” because once they have got what they want, once their demand have been met, the supply of love and care and sexy worlds dries up.

  5. – Insensitivity:

    If your so-called crush is so Insensitivity to issues surrounding your; even when you keep telling them and these issues are so glaring, even the blind could sere them, then know all is not well.
    If all they are after is to always satisfy their own want; even at your own determent; then you better start having a serious rethink.