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How to Delete Black People Meet Account – Contact Customer Service

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There are three way to learn how to delete black people meet account or deactivate your account where black people meet online.
What you should know is to prevent interruption in communication with other members.
If you are a paid member of black people meet then you need to to cancel credit card auto-renewal or automatically renew.
Thousand of peoples keep on looking for a solution to delete their account.
You may ask us how do i cancel Black people meet account or how to delete my black people meet profile account from the site.
Nice question: what i will like to tell you is this, have a good reason to delete your account so that you will not regret by such thing.

On this article we are going to show you steps on how to cancel blackpeoplemeet subscription before you can delete your account permanently.

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NOTE: If you don’t have an account before, this mean you can not cancel your subscription or delete your account.

Click here to access blackchristianpeoplemeet login and delete black people meet account.
If you are new click here to register Black People Meet Account free of charge.

How To Cancel Black People Meet automatic renewal or canceling Black People Meet account

Now you can cancel or turn off your Black People Meet auto renewal or account.
The moment you cancel your renewal/account, its means your account will be active with full member benefits until your recent subscription expires.
To get started follow these steps to cancel your account.t

  1. Login and click your settingsHow to Delete Black People Meet Account
  2. Tap or click on “MY Account from the drop down menu.
  3. Find your Account Status, and then click the View Account Status link.
  4. On the link Click the More Account Status Changes.
  5. Now Click to Remove Automatic Renewal.
  6. NOTE: your account, credit card will no longer be charged for futures.

We are done with Auto Re-new and Cancellation of account.

How to Delete Black People Meet Account

If you delete or remove Black people meet account, you will lost everything such as; History, photos/videos, Friends and others.
Below are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to for more guide line.
  2. Login to
  3. Go to your settings located at your top right section of your browser.How to Delete Black People Meet Account
  4. Once the settings open, click my Account from the page drop-down menu.
  5. Find your Account Status and then click the View Account Status link.
  6. Click next and tap the link for More Account Status Changes.
  7. A link will appear, click to Remove My Profile.
  8. Finally; answer the short question and then confirm that you want to delete black people meet account.

So if you have any issues with your account or looking for a way to delete your account then feel free to comment by using the comment section.

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