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Future of Europe Scholarship 2022 in Germany | How to Apply

Apply for the Future of Europe Scholarship 2022 at the Hertie School of Governance in Germany. The Future of Europe Scholarship is dedicated to future policymakers and leaders who analyze and respond to existing and coming challenges on the Continent in a global world. Recipients of the scholarship are leaders who are passionate about European cooperation and would like to pursue careers in European affairs.

With its commitment to attracting the best students from around the world, the Hertie School offers several scholarship grants to deserving applicants. To achieve this goal, the school provides financial support to students in the form of financial aid and scholarships as well as external funding options.

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Besides this scholarship, although Hertie School cannot offer tuition waivers to all eligible candidates, financial aid is granted among eligible applicants according to a set internal ranking. Aid is granted in the form of tuition waivers ranging mostly from 10% to 50% of the tuition fees.
Benefits from Future of Europe Scholarship

Selected applicants for the Future of Europe Scholarship 2022 will receive several benefits including:

  • This scholarship is available for the Master of Public Policy or Master of International Affairs
  • The scholarship is open to applicants of all nationalities
  • There is one full scholarship worth 34,500 euros for the 2021 academic year


  • Tuition for the two-year MPP and MIA programmes at the Hertie School is currently 34,500 euros (8,625 euros per semester).

Tuition deposit

  • A 1,500 euro tuition deposit (non-refundable) is required in order to secure a place in the incoming class (MPP and MIA).
  • This payment is part of the tuition fees for the first semester.
  • Admission is allocated on a rolling basis, thus the payment deadline for the tuition deposit varies and is determined by the date of each candidate’s application.

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  • Candidates will be given this deadline in their notification of admission and will also receive a Study Agreement Form, which must be submitted along with the tuition deposit.
  • Candidates will typically be notified of admission six weeks before the tuition deposit and the Study Agreement Form are due.

Doctoral Programmes

The Hertie School does not charge tuition for its doctoral programmes.
PhD researchers pay a campus fee of 288.80 euros per semester – this includes the amount for the Studierendenwerk and the BVG ticket (public transport).

Other Fees

STW fee
Students must pay the STW fee which amounts to 95,00 euros per semester as a contribution to the studierendenWERK BERLIN.

BVG fee
The cost for the Berlin public transport ticket is currently 193.80 euros per semester. The price for the ticket may increase slightly in future semesters. Part-time students in the Executive MPA are not eligible for a public transport ticket.

Administrative fee

Leave of Absence: After their first year of study, students can interrupt the MPP or MIA programme for up to one year if the study goals are not put at risk. Students must issue a leave of absence request to the Examination Office. A once-off administrative fee of 600 euros is charged to cover the additional costs caused by the leave of absence.

Study Extension: Students who extend their studies beyond the standard duration of 24 months due to a failed assignment or examination shall be charged a fee of 500 euros per semester to cover the additional costs. Students who extend their studies due to illness, pregnancy, or caregiving reasons (childcare, family illness) are exempted from this fee.

Who is it for?

Applicants with a demonstrated interest in European cooperation, either academically or professionally, who wish to pursue a degree in public policy or international affairs.

How to apply for the Future of Europe Scholarship 2022

  • First, submit a standard application to the MPP or MIA programme.
  • Additionally, answer one of the following questions in a brief essay:
    • How likely is it that the “Next Generation EU” package paves the way for a European fiscal union?
    • The European External Action Service celebrated its ten-year anniversary in December 2020. Which problems of EU external action was it supposed to solve, and how do you assess its track record?
    • Can bureaucratic responsiveness reduce the EU’s democratic deficit?

The additional essay should be sent to grad-admissions@hertie-school.org after a standard application has been submitted. The essay should be approximately two pages in length.

Interested applicants should submit their applications and motivation statements before 1 February. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

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