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Facebook Funny Jokes of The Day with Facebook Women

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Facebook Funny Jokes of The Day with Facebook Women

Okay i understand. Some Facebook Babes are looking for Guys who go to studio and Edit their pics.
Me not be that type ooh. I send Facebook Star friends request, instead for her to accept my request; she say
Tommy Is that your real profile picture?
I answer; Yes dear
She say no you look hugely on your profile and ur albums.
Quickly I reply yes that how God created me
She reply Go to studio and snap some good picture and send it to me before i can accept your friend request.
I reply okay i will give me 12 hours
One day later:

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I went to Stylusuk studio nearest to my area and take some pictures.. Over to camera man
Camera Man: Guy this is third picture i snap you
Well I answer; yes what happen
Camera man: The picture are all blank
So I reply: Jesus but you say the picture are good before
Camera man: Come back in the next 3 weeks so that we can get a good doctor for u.
Back to my Facebook Babes.

Facebook Funny Jokes of The Day with Facebook Women

Did you see the pictures i sent to u?
Facebook Babe: Yes but no need to send it to me again you be blind man.
I reply; yes but that what happened when the Camera man edited the picture.
She block me and send friend request to my second account and start disturbing me.
However, I quickly accepted her request.
I ask her do you know who you are chatting with?
She reply: No but you Hansom die can i get your number
Now I reply: Yes but i am the Blind man that went to studio last week.
She feinted and she never wake up again for good 1 year. 

Finally; If i died i want my Friends or my Family member to keep updating my Facebook status to freak people out.

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