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Find out more about the best Eyelinetrading BTC Trading Packages.
This is the can of topic you have been waiting for and we are going to give you the full details about eyelinetrading packages
The website made it clear for both old and new members to understand that in an affiliate plain. that offers a crypto trading package, the money that comes in can possibly go towards trading or towards operations and commissions.
However, we underatand that the same money can’t go both.
We know and we already understand with Eyeline Trading which is as transparent as possible.
The good part of this is that the 50% of all trading packages go towards operations and commissions, and 50% goes directly into your trading account!

So all the Eyelinetrading BTC Trading Package (BTC trading packages) are individual accounts, not pooled.
Therefore you can start them or stop them the time you wish to and CASH-OUT (Withdraw your principle anytime).
Now you make up to .66% per day of all the money that goes into your trading account for 365 days.
NOTE: after the 365 days, your eyeline trading package will be expires and you will get your orginal balance back plus all your profits your earn for that 365 days.

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Eyelinetrading BTC Trading Packages

Now i will give you an examples on how this work out, e.g on av $40 package which is approximately .00555 BTC), $20 (approximately .00275 BTC goes $40 package towards the trading package and $20 (approximately .00275 BTC) goes towards operations and commissions. So once your package starts paying out, you would earn approximately 13 cents per day for 365 days or approximately $48 (approximately .0066 BTC). And then at the end of the contract, you would also get your $20 that was in your trading account back for a total of $68 (approximately .009 BTC).

SO before you can start with this package then you need to create an account.
If you find it difficult to setup eyelinetrading account then click on this link and follow the step guide to setup you account free.

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