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  1. David Edward says

    Is beginning to show dat step work is a scam wot is happening since yesterday I can’t login my account

    1. Innocent winner says

      Same here dude…..but they’ve paid me once

    2. Maikel kristen says

      Like seriously
      It’s looks fake really 😍

    3. Maxwell says

      I haven’t been able to login too is like it has crash

    4. Akintunde samuel says

      Yes this is true

  2. OLUKAYODE says

    I can’t login wit happen

  3. Omatola Ojone Celestine says

    Is like stepworks has crashed, since yesterday nobody has been able to login, let’s believe they will still open it again
    I love the platform before now because they have been paying awesomely

  4. Valentine says

    Stepworks is a very big scam a very big one idiots and stupid people.

  5. Francis Fidelis says

    Same with me here, I can’t login too

    1. Phay Ty says

      Oga stop telling us trash joor .na scam I can’t access the stupid acct again u guys should just stop decieving us joor mtcheew.

  6. Lawrence Agada Moses says

    For over two to three days now we were unable to access the site. At least there should be a pop up message telling users something but no. I suspects is a scam and it’s very unprofessionally handled by the author’s.

    1. Ekemezie Keisha says

      I dnt get it please u mean it has been in existence for more than 2years now if yes how please bcox bfre joining I saw it was created feb28
      I no just dey understand oo😭😭😭

      Does dat mean my money is gone😭😭😭🤦

  7. Kingsley says

    Is like stepworks has crash cause since yesterday I’m unavailable to access the account. But they should open let have my money back 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙆

  8. Aa says

    I hlv it will open by mon

  9. Ayomide says

    I am unavailable to log in since yesterday

  10. Ola Ahmed says

    Today now,I can login

    1. Godpower Simon says

      Pls send me the website u used in loging

  11. Moses Ademola says

    I believe they will still open again because they can not just stop the business like that

  12. Smart says

    I can’t even login

  13. Adekunle Anjola says

    To me, stepworkstime ain’t a scam because they do pay and they had gone for days like this before but later they reopened.
    And @ the same time I think they are scam because a new site exactly like stepwork had been created named Naver
    The site link is www naver kim
    So still hopeful

    1. Ekemezie Keisha says

      U mean dey have been off like this bfre
      Nd den came back?.

    2. Moses ademola says

      Plz can you send me an invitation code

      1. Amoda ridwan says


        This is the invitation code

    3. Amoda Adejuwon says

      Invitation code please

    4. Ademola moses says

      Plz send me an invitation code, plz this is my number if u wanna call me

    5. Oreofe akingbade says

      Please tell us the link and fhe reffefing code

  14. Ruth pipa says

    Why can’t I access my account

  15. John says

    Federal government dat block the stepwork site d site still working in Ghana is only Nigeria is affected

    1. Ekemezie Keisha says

      Wait ooo oya try login my own. There na

    2. Donald says

      How do you know

    3. Clementina says

      Pls am from Nigeria and you said stepwork is still working in Ghana , is there any way or cod someone can use to get it from Nigeria ? If yes pls help . thanks

  16. Godwin Imosemi says

    What is happening to stepwork mehhhnn!!! Since three days ago I haven’t been able to login and access my account! I even went as far as subscribing thinking it was due to insufficient sub… But it still remain inaccessible… This pipo na scam ooo.. I don dey believe now!! Well nothing spoil Sha, life goes on!.

  17. Daniel says

    I can’t access it I am fed up

  18. Stephanie says

    I can’t login again,is there any problem with this site?

  19. Faith says

    Hmmmmm so painful, I can’t access my account again

  20. Abasi-Ikpongke says

    Same here, a can’t login to my account again!!!!😭😭😭

  21. Abasi-Ikpongke Etim says

    Same here, I can’t login to my account again!!!😭😭😭

    Can someone please tell me what is going on??

  22. Paul Isaac says

    Admin pls what happened

  23. Stepworks says

    Please and please nothing more than this, the site Will open on Monday, you will see our new features with great benefit, feel free to withdraw your money feel free to invest,, we are back tomorrow… By 4:30pm… Thanks

  24. Ibikunle Ayomide says

    Same here, I can’t login to my account again

  25. muhammad suleiman says

    What happened now is 3 days I can’t login to my account what happening

  26. Odu John says

    I can’t imagine myself being scam by these people at first it seems nice and legit but about three or four days ago now I can’t login into my account I don’t really know what is happening let’s just hope it will reopens again because it’s too good to be scam

  27. Buniyausa Payesa says

    Please I pray they open the website. Bcoz I invested my school fees with the hope that after 15 days I will get it back and now I can’t logging tobmy account.

  28. Buniyausa Payesa says

    Please I pray they open the website. Bcoz I invested my school fees with the hope that after 15 days I will get it back and now I can’t logging to my account.

  29. Ola says

    All my money, so nah ponxy🕵 stuff e no go well for tha’man💔🚶🚶🚶

  30. Mkpouto ubong mkpouto says

    Well is the truth 🥴🥴 I can login my account

  31. Najib yahaya says

    Stepwork why do u stop paying me joor is like scam na!

    Scam! Scammer!! Scamming!!!

  32. Grace says

    Do we still have hope? Will the site open anytime soon?

  33. Donald Effiong says

    I can’t not login to my account again……🥴🥴🥴
    Plat form wey I love so much ….🥰🥰
    But I don’t believe this 🥰
    They will soon open 💪

  34. Rooneyhenry says

    Please help me how get the Stepworktime new site

  35. Ayoola victor says

    Please wot is the last new on h5.stepworkstime.com

  36. Chris says

    This one is strong something that is not even to anywhere has stop just like that, ooo God not my will but your will be done successfully?

  37. Diamond Adewale says

    I can’t login into my stepworks account since last two weeks because the stepworks app on my phone is not working but am trying to download it since then but it’s not downloading please I need the stepworks app anybody that can help me to send it please help me to send it to my WhatsApp number 09021633426 because have invested 30k am jus waiting for the time to end so that I can withdraw it to my account but have been trying to login not working.

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