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Study In the UK: Chevening Scholarship 2022 Awards for Masters in the UK for International Students

The Chevening scholarship 2022 awards are the best fully funded scholarships to study for a master’s in the UK. Chevening Scholarships are funded by the British Foreign Office and are offered to international students who wish to obtain a master’s degree in the UK through a fully-funded scholarship program.

Chevening aims to enhance young people’s capabilities, and give an opportunity for students from different countries of the world to complete their higher studies and obtain a master’s degree at one of the most prestigious universities in the UK. Chevening Scholarships are fully funded and provide a monthly stipend for students throughout the study period in the UK. Students also get other benefits such as health insurance, flight tickets, and more.

Chevening Scholarship 2022 is considered one of the most competitive scholarships around the world. Applicants go through many stages before receiving the scholarship, and students must meet the minimum academic requirements for universities in the UK when applying for the Chevening Scholarship.

If you dream of studying in the UK for free and with a fully-funded scholarship program, then the Chevening Scholarship 2022 may be the right choice for you.

In this article, the OPPGATE platform for educational opportunities will provide you with the full details of how to apply for the fully-funded master’s scholarship in the UK in 2022 through the Chevening Scholarship program.

Chevening Scholarship 2022 for master’s studies

Applying for the Chevening Scholarship 2022 is a very competitive process. In order to have a higher chance of being awarded the scholarship, it is recommended that you do as much research as possible. In this article, we have collected the most information and tips for a Chevening application process.

Chevening eligible countries

A large number of countries in the world are eligible for the Chevening scholarship, from the:

  • The Middle East and
  • North Africa,
  • Asia,
  • Europe,
  • Africa,
  • Asia.

In the Chevening application portal, you can check whether you hold a citizenship of a Chevening eligible country. Also, if you hold a nationality of a Chevening eligible country and reside in another country, you can still apply for the scholarship.

Information about Chevening Scholarship:

Funding Fully funded
Name of the Scholarship Chevening scholarship
Scholarship Funder The Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) and partner organizations
Country of Study United kingdom
Degree Masters
Deadline 2nd November (annually)

Continue reading the article below to learn about the most important benefits, conditions, and majors available in Chevening Scholarship 2022.

Benefits of the Chevening Scholarship 2022 Awards

As we mentioned in the introduction to the article, the Chevening Scholarship is fully funded, below here are the benefits that Chevening scholars receive to begin their studies in the UK

  • Tuition fees at one of the universities in the UK cover up to 22,000 pounds (more information on this below).
  • Economy class tickets to and from the student’s country.
  • A stipend is to be paid once you arrive in the UK.
  • Visa fees.
  • Departure allowance, payable once you leave the UK upon graduation.
  • $75 for medical exams.
  • An additional travel allowance that the student receives upon arrival in the UK.
  • A monthly stipend to cover monthly housing and living costs.
  • The monthly stipend varies if your university is in London or outside.
  • In the case of online/distance learning, you will be given a stipend based on the living standards of your current residence.

Chevening Scholarship 2022 Awards requirements

To be able to apply for the Chevening Scholarship 2022, you will have to meet the conditions set by the scholarship admission committee, as well as the requirements for the UK universities you intend to apply. Here are the general conditions for the Chevening Scholarship:

  • First, you must hold a nationality of a Chevening eligible country listed on their website
  • The student must return to his/her home country after graduation for a period of no less than two years.
  • The student must have graduated with a bachelor’s degree with a grade point average of at least 60% (the minimum grade varies for each university in the UK, this is the general condition for the scholarship only).
  • Applicants must have experience of 2,800 working hours, including (full or part-time jobs, volunteer work, internships, training, etc.).
  • Must apply to three different universities in the UK and obtain an unconditional offer from one of the universities (explained below).
  • The Chevening Scholarship does not require a TOEFL or IELTS certificate, but most British universities require an IELTS /TOEFL certificate to prove your English language proficiency when applying for admission.
  • After an application for a Chevening Scholarship has been submitted, applications are subject to an electronic assessment in accordance with the above conditions.
  • No changes can be made to the application after it has been submitted.

Very important: Please note that the above-mentioned conditions are for Chevening Scholarship requirements only. In addition to these requirements, the student must meet the eligibility criteria of the universities to which you intend to apply in the UK

Work experience for Chevening Scholarships

As mentioned above, students wishing to apply for a Chevening Scholarship must have work experience of 2,800 hours (about two years). You must ensure that you meet the minimum work experience requirements.

Types of work experience accepted for a Chevening Scholarship:

  • Full-time jobs.
  • Part-time jobs
  • Volunteer work.
  • Paid or unpaid internships.
  • Private or start-up business.
  • Freelancing.

While this seems like a lot of hours, the Chevening scholarship accepts any professional work experience/activity you have conducted before beginning your university studies, during, or after, and they can be counted towards your work experience hours. When filling out the Chevening application, there will be a work experience calculator where you will be required to enter the information of the positions and their description and the hours will be calculated automatically. This is done by multiplying the number of working weeks by working hours. Working hours should not exceed the permissible limit of 35-60 hours per week and 40-50 weeks a year.

Chevening Application- Required Documents

To apply for the Chevening scholarship in the United Kingdom, you will need to prepare the following documents:

  • Undergraduate transcripts.
  • Graduation certificate.
  • Recommendation letters (to be submitted at a later date)
  • University admission (if available, required at a later date)
  • CV
  • The applicant’s ID such as a passport.

Chevening eligible courses/majors

The Chevening Scholarship lasts for one year. There are two types of master’s programs in the UK, the first is Taught master’s and the second is Research Master’s.

The Chevening Scholarship requires applicants to choose a Taught Master’s degrees in which the student studies a certain number of courses and submits a research thesis. The master’s degree lasts one year. The duration of the chosen program must not be less than 9 months or more than 12 months. It must be a full-time degree beginning in the fall semester.

From the official website, you can use the Chevening course finder to find available majors for the scholarship. We will attach the link to the Chevening course finder at the bottom of the article. Attached is a picture of the course finder tool that can be used to find universities and majors. You can search either by choosing the city or by writing the major you want to study.

Learn more about the British Chevening scholarships in UK for international students

Important Note: The application dates for universities in the UK differ from one to another. In addition, the admission requirements vary depending on the program you are applying for. The student must obtain unconditional acceptance/offers from one of the universities after applying for the scholarship.

How to Apply for the Chevening Scholarship

Before you start reading the How to Apply for a Chevening Master’s Scholarship section, be sure to check the Chevening requirements mentioned above in the article. If you are sure that you meet the conditions and can provide the required documents, follow the steps below

  • See the article details above and read the Chevening Scholarship details.
  • Go to the Chevening course finder page and choose the right program for you.
  • Visit the websites of universities that offer the major/course you chose.
  • Ensure that the tuition fee for the program you chose is under ÂŁ22,000 so that the fees are fully covered.
  • Go to the Chevening Scholarship online application portal (smart Chevening and create an account using your email address.
  • When creating the account, you will be required to enter some personal information and choose a nationality.
  • After entering the required information an email will be sent by the Chevening Scholarship containing a link to activate the account.
  • Activate the account by clicking on the attached link in your email.
  • Start the application process, enter your education information, and write the required essays.
  • Applicants will have to specify the majors and universities to which they intend to apply.
  • Answer the Chevening Scholarship questions in English. This is the most important part of the scholarship application stage.
  • You can write your answers on the Word file, and after completing the answer, transfer it to your online application portal.

Chevening Scholarship 2022 Awards Deadline:

Below we provide you the deadlines and dates for the fully funded master’s scholarships in the UK – Chevening Scholarship 2022 Awards

Date Chevening
August 3rd Application for the Chevening Scholarship opens
November 2nd Scholarship deadline
November 3rd Application screening process beings
Mid-November to December Evaluating all eligible applications
February selection of eligible applicants for the next stage
February to the end of April Deadline to submit recommendations and other documents.
February 28 to April 29 Personal interviews
June Announcing the final results
July 14 Last date to submit admission form universities
September and October The study begins in the UK

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