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How Can I Cancel My UBER Eats Account – I Want To Delete My Uber Eats Credit Card Information, Phone Number and Address

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Follow the steps below to delete uber account! how Can I Cancel My UBER Eats Account – I Want To Delete My Uber Eats Address, Phone Number and Credit Card Information

Problem a lot of people are facing using UBER EATS Account.

I have to delete my uber eats account!

Please confirm your email address associated with your uber account via PM so we can assist.

I would like to delete my UberEats account asap. May I please get assistance?

At this point, what you need to do is to comment with your email address and phone number associated with Uber account so we can connect right away! while we are going to help you out.

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NEVER USE UBER EATS. Their customer service support over the phone is like talking to Robots. When you place an order on their app and its cancelled immediately and the App says, you will not be charged. You actually are charged, and then refunded the day after. If this happens multi times, like it did with me, that’s a couple of hundred dollars that Uber keeps. And you didn’t get any food. I call that stealing. Whatever BS they tell you about Credit Card policy, etc, its all BS. Then they make it freaking super hard to delete your credit card from the account or even delete your account.

If you are still looking for a way to delete my Uber account or you want to desable my Uber account then follow the steps guide to delete your ubereats account.
Note; any Uber users can delete their account by tapping the Uber Delete link below on your favorite browser. By doing this, you need to sign into Uber account and tab the Uber account settings to delete you account.
Here are the steps to delete my Ubereats account

How Can I Cancel My UBER Eats Account – Delete Uber Eats


Launch your Uber app and delete Uber account in the App or go to Uber web to delete your uber account.

  1. Go to the Uber Settings button from the Uber App Menu.
  2. Click on the Uber “Privacy Settings”
  3. An icon will appear where to delete uber account.
  4. Click the “Delete Account” and follow the step guides on the app.

If you delete Uber account, it will take 30 days to be permanently deleted. From the day you delete Uber account, it will be deactivated immediately but not deleted untill 30 days.
Deleting of Uber Account will remove your credit, promotions or any rewards linked to Uber account.
So make sure you left with Zero rewards, Credit and promotions.

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