Apply For Western Sydney International Scholarship – Fully Funded

Do you actually want to be a leader in your own field and forge ahead to make a difference? Then Apply For Western Sydney International Scholarship. This amazing scholarship provides its candidate with the opportunity to actually gain internationally recognized qualifications from an Australian institution.

The scholarship includes all the required and necessary support and funding that will help you complete your studies. Without a doubt, your career will certainly benefit from this new knowledge that will be gained as a result of this scholarship.


Why You Need To Apply For Western Sydney International Scholarship
You will gain leadership skills and the required connections or links that you will create, both in the university and also through the Alumni network of the same university. When you return home, you will be able to make some vital contributions to the economic and social development of your home country.

The application process is quite transparent and very much competitive, which helps in providing an equal amount of opportunities to all eligible applicants, regardless of their gender and ethnicity.

The Western Sydney international scholarship is actually meant for international students; they’ll be offering $6,000 and $3,000 multi-year scholarships to both new and commencing international students that are enrolled in undergraduate coursework.

Application Information

There is no application needed for this scholarship, a candidate wants this undergraduate scholarship using the international scholarship online application form.

If you actually apply for this scholarship, you will automatically be considered for the scholarship that is been offered by the Western Sydney international scholarships that you are eligible for. You don’t have to actually submit two separate applications.

Furthermore, if you are actually successful, this implies that your scholarship offer will be outlined in your offer of admission letter. The application process is actually the same for all Western Sydney International Scholarships. This implies that the terms and conditions are frequently asked questions are also the same.


Eligibility for the Western Sydney International Scholarship

This scholarship is granted on the basis of academic achievement in completed year 12 qualification or at least equivalent that is recognized by the Western Sydney University for admission.

Applicants must:

  • An international student and mustn’t be an
  • Australian citizen, New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident of Australia. If your visa status actually changes to one of these during the study period, then
    be rest assured that the scholarship will discontinue.
  • Applicant must commence a new course of study in 2022 for the first time.

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  • Applicants must be applying to actually study in a CRICOS which is a registered undergraduate degree program.
  • Applicant must satisfy the academic eligibility requirement for either the $6,000 or $3,000 multi-year scholarship.
  • Applicants must satisfy other admission requirements and must also accept their admission offer.

Applicants are not eligible if they:

  • Applicants will not be eligible if they are citizens of Australia or New Zealand or if they hold a permanent residency in Australia.
  • Applicants are not eligible if they’ve studied abroad or if they’re exchange students coming to the university.
  • Applicants won’t be eligible if they are enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at Western Sydney University.
  • Applicants won’t be eligible if they do not commence study in the same session that has been indicated in their offer. Commencement may actually be deferred.
  • Applicants are not eligible if they are granted more than 160 credit points in advanced standing, this scholarship will apply to the reduced duration of the course and will not actually exceed the annual value of the scholarship in any one year of full-time study.
  • Study less than 80 Credit points to actually complete the course.
  • Applicants are not eligible if they are applying to study a program that is located at the Sydney City Campus.
  • Applicants will not be eligible if they have been in any way awarded another scholarship by the university or another organization that actually covers the cost of the tuition fees (either fully or partially) to study at Western Sydney University.

Also, Keep in mind that students that are applying through the University’s articulation pathway partner will be considered for a scholarship according to marginally different criteria.

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All international applicants will be automatically considered for the scholarship that will be funded by the university; there is no separate scholarship application that is required. If the students actually meet the scholarship eligibility criteria, the scholarship will certainly be outlined in the Letter of the offer.

The benefit of Western Sydney Scholarships


The Western Sydney scholarship is usually offered for the minimum period that is necessary for the individual to actually complete their academic program in this amazing university. The benefit of this scholarship is actually outlined below:

  1. Complete and Full tuition fee.
  2. Return air-travel-payment of a single return, an economy class airfare to and from
    Australia through a direct route
  3. An establishment allowance, at least once only payment as a contribution towards the following, accommodations, expenses, books, and study materials.
  4. Contribution to living expenses, this is actually a fortnightly contribution to some basic living expenses that is been paid at a rate that is determined by the department.
  5. This scholarship helps to oversee the student health cover for the duration by which the award (this is for award holders only), this benefit is provided to cover the scholars’ basic medical costs (with exception of pre-existing conditions).
  6. This scholarship also provides supplementary academic supports that may be available to ensure the scholar’s academic success and also help in enhancing their academic experience.
  7. All candidates that are successful will receive a minimum scholarship that is usually valued at $3,000. The $6,000 value will also be awarded dependent on the level of academic achievement in the previous studies.
  8. This scholarship also covers fieldwork which includes research awards and master’s course work which actually has a research component where fieldwork is mandatory. This may actually be eligible for research students for one return economy class airfare through the most direct route to theirs.

Acceptance Date

This scholarship is usually granted on the basis of a first-come-first-service basis until filled.
Students are usually advised to accept the scholarship as soon as possible in other to avoid disappointment. Check out more free scholarships here