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15 Ways to Make Money from Blogging in South Africa 2018

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Is good to plan on how to make money from blogging in south Africa and elsewhere in the world.
As an online publisher, is possible to made over $5,000 on average from your website (Blogging) monthly from your Google AdSense, affiliate marketing and others.
That why am going to guide and show you how to make money from blogging in south Africa and leave your beautiful life.

Money from Blogging in South Africa

Money from Blogging in South Africa

What you need to do, is to know what blogging is all about and how its works. So below we are going to explain what blogging is all about and how blogging works in South Africa.
However, Blogging business help a lot of graduate and and under graduate to help their fife.

What’s Blogging?

Thousands of people are looking for a ways to make money online by blogging and earn money online fast.
While we are going to educate you based on what blogging is all about.
Make sure you follow the steps to learn how to make money online in south Africa and other country.

Blogging is a business of publishing helpful content that offer solution to people around the world.
Everyday people seek for solution to their problem, without bloggers, people will end up spending money on books which may be expensive.
Bloggers offer free and benefit their work when the reader click on the Google Adsense.
Others benefit by selling E-books, selling product online with their website.
For Example; this article you are reading offer solution to your problem which was written and published by a blogger.

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The question i will like to ask you is; can you really make money from blogging like others do?
At this point we are going to help you and break it down to your understanding.

How Can I Start Blogging Business? What you Need to start

To start is easy, you have two platform to start your blogging business and start earning money online in South Africa.
In this article, you will be able to learn how to create a website/blog here.

  • – Make a research on which Niche that will profitable for you.
  • – Buy a domain name/web hosting or use free blogspot. It will be better to install WordPress software. If you have already installed this; then you are free to start the real business.

However, now that you have a personal website/blog then you are good to make money online from your blog.

Make a Blog Plan

The first thing you should ask yourself, What am i going to write about? There are so many niche you can choose to write about.
Is good to have a specific topic or genre.
Pick up a topic like “how to earn money from home” which can help those who are looking for home service work like Teaching, Salon or Fashions.
I will recommend you to start from Entertainment or Education topic.

The best blog monetization strategy That Will Help You.

  1. Advertising:

    Without Google Adsense, it will a bit difficult for you earn money from your website.
    So using Google AdSense is one of the easiest method to earn money from blogging business.Money from Blogging in South Africa
    As a beginner, you need to apply for Google AdSense and get Google AdSense approval.
    To get Google AdSense approval, you need to publish original content on your website, no copy article will be approve by Google.
    After Google preview your blog and approve it, then you can start making Earning from Google Adsense by placing the ad Codes on your website Homepage.
    The amount you will be making, will depends on the number of web traffic you attract from your blog.
    Then the other advertising options among; job board, RSS advertising, Info Links, ambassadorship,text links, video advertising and more.

  2. Make Money From Affiliate Marketing Link:

    Here look more simple when its comes to affiliate marketing bneusiss.
    Affiliate marketing portal offered a referral link for all publisher to make money form blogging by inserting/pasting the affiliate links on your articles or homepage.
    With the affiliate link, You’ll make a particular commission the moment your reader place a purchase from the link. This is another sweetest way of make money online.

  3. Sell products to your readers:

    This is another best way to make money from blogging by selling what people need. A product like, e-books, software, Apps, Games, Videos and others.
    Then you can also sell reports, courses and other printable product.

  4. Selling of Services

    many people are using this platform to make money from blogging by selling premium services to their readers.
    You can as well help your readers and sell original contents, website customization and SEO Tutorials and more.

  5. Sell subscription services

    Turn your website into a paid membership platform. Why do you want readers to pay to subscribe?
    There are things you don’t need to offer free so you have to allow your readers to join the premium services.
    However, members can as well pay membership subscription every month or yearly to get access to your exclusive contents.

  6. Sell advert space:

    This is one of the best way to make money from blogging by turning your website to a market place where attract advertisers to your blog.
    What you need is to get the huge amount traffic target on your blog then advertisers will request for spaces to advertise their products or services with you.
    So you can start making money from the selling advert spaces.

  7. Sponsored post:

    Yes you can make money money from your site when you accept any sponsored posts on your website.
    A lot of companies like betting company and other will ask, if you can accept sponsored post on your blogs. Only the post alone can give you $200 per single post every week. If you are lucky enough to get another source of income then you are already a millionaire at your age.

  8. Sell physical products:

    Write about a particular location you want to deliver your product just like digital product.This is another way to make money from blogging when you sell a physical product which will enable your readers to buy if there is any way of home delivery.

    Selling merchandise or teaching materials will help generate more money to your account.

  9. Coaching Services:

    Start a coaching service and tell your readers what you can offer. Have 10-20 student per month by taking them to a coaching program. Don’t forget that each participant fetch you up to $400 – $500 which is good amount of money.

  10. Events:Is good to plan of something big as a blogger, for you to receive invitations from people, you have to really improve to another level.
    Start with something new by creating your own events, and allow participants to pay before they can join. You can come up with something like Comedy, seminars and others.
  11. Sell out Website/Blog:

    Build up your website and become the most valuable online site owner.
    If you don’t wish to continue with your blog again then you can also sell it out with a good amount but depend on the valuable price tag.

  12. Blog Donation:

    I have nothing much to say but is not every body will donate or contribute to this.
    But you can as well make money from friends & well wishes who really want to appreciate with your good work by donating some amount of money to your blog.

  13. Promote your offline business on your Blog

    This is one of the reason why you need a good blog; with your website feel free to promote your offline business such as boutique, shops, supper market etc.
    As a blog owner Promoting your products and services, will land you more awareness about your online and offline business.

    This will bring more customer to your offline business and bring up your offline business to internet level.

  14. Consultation:

    A time will come when your website/blog will speak to you. What you will need to do then is to consult for others due to the condition of knowledge you have on the topic of your blogging about.

  15. Share You Link on Social Media

    Sharing your link on social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Instagram etc. Can drive high traffic to your blog that people can find interesting link to click.
    The moment the person click on the advert then you will earn more money.
    Those link can generate a unique backlinks to your site.

That all i can tell for now!..
We will like to know what you think about this articel. You are free to use the comments section below. Please don’t forget to share this post by using the share buttons below. We love you all…

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