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10 Ways To Create A Story Online And Get Pay Every Month

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10 ways to create a story online And get Pay every month
Don’t waste your time on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter making people laugh without benefiting anything from it, now you can create a story online and earn much money online.
The question is this, How can you start it.
Tinedvibe.com is here to pay you on each stories you write online.

Try to know the sector you are good in, which can be a storie book, Love stories, Healthy online stories and lot more about jokes.

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You don’t need a template to create create a story online like Bookemon and other online story book writing template. All you need to start with are; your Laptop, Mobile device that has bookPress, an iPad app, Notebook and MMS world without templates for the online storybook.
Use your Email address to send us your story book online and earn money from tinedvibe every month.

However, Bookemon was the first site to learn how to start online stories without any minimum order but have a high quality story book which is originally made by your with a professional binging and more.
We don’t required for professional binding but we need 100% HIGH QUALITY CONTENT (STORY BOOK) which is 100% Plagiarism then you send it via our Email account and earn more money every month.
Note: is your hard-work that will determine your earning. If you don’t meet up with the minimum contact required from us, then we are not going to pay you 100% of what you are suppose to earn for the month.

How To Post Multiple Stories On Instagram

We are not like instagram. Postiong multiple stories on Instagram will not put food on your table.
Social media will help you to to learn on how to write and post stories online before you can earn money from tinedvibe.

10 Ways To Create A Story Online And get Monthly Pay

  1. Get a device like Desktop or smart phone that will accept MMS Word.
  2. Get an excellent topic and start working on it.
  3. Make a original contact to make money online.
  4. Create up to 400 to 1000 Words and then submit it via email or create tinedvibe content account.
  5. No copy right content will be allow to publish online.
  6. Now add picture to it the moment you are done with your storie book (Content)
  7. Your content or story book most be 100% Plagiarism and you can use the small seo tools to check it.
  8. Add a publisher name and leave your mobile phone number
  9. If you don’t have an email account then register Gmail account.
  10. Then you get to the minimum number of content required then we will send your monthly payment.

For more information, you can leave you comment with us or mail us at tech.vilevase@yahoo.com


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