10 Best Healthy Lifestyle Habits To Do NOW | Importance Good Health Habits

We the Tinedvibe.com official bring out the top 10 Best Healthy lifestyle Habits to do that work on NOW! With these 10 best tips changed the life of people who listen to the video and have helped them live a healthy and WELL ROUNDED life.
However, these health tips and video will help to motivate you to workout and sound healthy, both physically and mentally.

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Top 10 Best Healthy Lifestyle Habits To Do NOW

Testimony from our reader on YouTube:

  • I make sure to sleep before 11PM no matter how busy I am to let my body repair itself. I limited the time I wake up if I have stuff I need to get done. I also make sure to eat lots of veggies daily because veggies make me feel super light. And happy! With all the chaos going on, I feel like it’s very important to fuel ourselves with things that. Make us feel good about ourselves and the world we live in.
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  • Confidence building tip: make a list at the end of everyday of all the things you did that day that you’re proud of whether it’s drinking more water or walking an extra 5 minutes, holding the door for someone, not swearing when you really felt like it at work, no matter how small or large, it’s important to make acknowledgements.
  • I don’t think sadness is unhealthy, I think its a part of life and important to experience. Its only when sadness does not have a cause and hangs around for a really long time that it can be issue.
    1. The fact that here is to

    2. “listen to your body,

    3. eat what works for you”

    4. shows you’re not trying to throw any trends down our throats and that you genuinely care.

  • I’m anemic and feel at my worst when I haven’t had any red meat in a few days. I take iron supplements and always eat what’s highest in iron but it’s never quite enough. If I don’t eat red meat when mother nature visits I tend to pass out. Why should I be a vegetarian if it makes me ill just because someone says I’m an awful person otherwise? You clearly get that.
  • Really enjoyed this video and your positive attitude
  • My top healthy habit that has stuck with me for many many months now is probably having a green smoothie every morning! By sipping on it every morning, I’ve guaranteed putting something to fill my empty stomach (I’m looking at you breakfast skippers out there!) even if I don’t have time. It also helps with hydration, since I use water and certain veggies and fruits have good water content in them.
  • Helps get my day started on a healthy note because I’ve put in healthy greens (my faves are spinach and kale but it is recommended to change it up) and fruits (blueberries have a ton of antioxidants, apples have so much good fiber, pineapple has bomb vitamin C levels).
  • Once I started really making this a habit, I also noticed I made healthier food choices throughout the day so that I wouldn’t cancel out my morning effort of blending my smoothie.

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