6 Things a Standard Industrial Training Report Must Contain

In writing an Industrial Training Report, there are specific things your report must contain for it to reach the approved standard. This is included in my guide on How to Write a SIWES Industrial Training Report.

Most examiners and industrial training supervisors are usually very strict. So, it is important you write a very organised report and get a very good grade.


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What is an Industrial Training Report?

An Industrial Training Report is a report which contains all activities and details of training undergone by a student during his/her industrial training program over a given period of time.

List of Things an Industrial Training Report Must Contain

To present a good and standard report, it must contain the following:


  1. The AIMS AND OBJECTIVES of your Student Industrial Work Experience. See them here
  2. A standard report should contain at least 25 pages. But 20 is fair
  3. It must contain 4 Chapters. I will break this down for you one by one.
  • CHAPTER ONE – INTRODUCTION: Start by talking about the Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme I mentioned above, its aim and objectives. This is usually a compulsory part of report writing. Thereafter, talk about your organization’s history, the nature of the organization, number of employees, type of business or service rendered, etc.
  • CHAPTER TWO – DETAILS OF YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES:  Describe all the activities you were engaged in throughout the six months internship. You can do this in the order of how you were engaged weekly or monthly.
  • CHAPTER THREE – ANALYSIS AND DISCUSSION: This highlights what you learnt from each sector and department you worked with int the organisation or company
  • CHAPTER FOUR – CONCLUSION: Highlight your findings, identify limitations in the utilization of tools or resources in the company when carrying out tasks. Also, state your recommendations based on these limitations.

4. Likewise, it must contain References

5. It must contain a Conclusion on knowledge gained and the relevance of this knowledge practically. This should appear in the final chapter

6. If you are in an engineering firm or a hospital or any other practical company, you need to add pictorial diagrams of instruments and procedures carried out. This will give you more marks.

Finally, you need to know how to defend your SIWES industrial training. You can see that here.



SEE ALSO: How to Defend your SIWES Industrial Training and Score High Grades