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Top Online Business Management Degree Programs and Industry Salary 2023/2024


Studying for an Online Business management degree allows you to develop a broad understanding of business organisations and provides you with knowledge on various subject.

Business management degrees encompass a wide range of subjects, such as accounting, finance, marketing and strategic planning.

Online Business Management Degree

Online Business Management Degrees

A business management bachelors degree program can give you the opportunity to gain practical workforce skills and learn what it’s like to be a leader in today’s business world.

Some graduates become business managers by taking entry-level jobs and working their way up the company ladder. Others get their foot in the door with studies in a particular branch of business, such as marketing or logistics.

Earning a bachelor’s degree in business management, though, is a strategic plan for targeting managerial roles.

Business management degree programs cover management theories and how to put them into practice. Your courses may address:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Business law and ethics
  • Decision making
  • Global business
  • Group dynamics
  • Information technology
  • Marketing
  • Organizational leadership
  • Sales

At some schools, business internships are an essential part of the curriculum. Completing an internship with a company can give you the opportunity to gain practical knowledge of what’s involved in management roles. Even if an internship isn’t required for graduation, your school may be able to help you secure one.

Other colleges require senior projects to graduate from their business management programs. These often involve conducting research and then writing a paper or delivering a presentation.

Graduates of business management programs are often headed for managerial roles. Getting these positions may require taking introductory positions to gain first-hand experience in business operations, though. You might work as a specialist, an assistant, a junior associate, or a sales representative.

In time, you may become a leader in marketing, sales, human resources, operations, or other departments of an organization, or you may take one of the highest roles in a company, such as general manager or top executive.

Studying business management can be a strategic choice for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit. This field of study could help equip you to launch and lead your own business.

Earning an online bachelor’s degree in business management may only be the first step for an aspiring leader. This degree can help prepare you for a master’s program. programs for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) are especially popular among business professionals.

Plus, there are more and more universities that offer an online Phd in masters for students wishing to earn a doctorate in the field.

Business Management Careers & Salaries

There are many potential job opportunities for business leaders. All sorts of organizations rely on people with management skills. These include large corporations, small businesses, and nonprofit agencies.

Not all business managers work in for-profit companies. A similar skill set is necessary for nonprofit organizations, such as community service agencies.

Getting a degree in business management could also lead to a job as an analyst or a consultant. Management analysts evaluate data to determine how organizations can operate more efficiently or profitably. Based on their analyses, they make recommendations to business leaders. management jobs are growing at a 9% rate and have a median annual salary of $102,450.

Careers Annual Median Salaries
Chief Executives $179,520
Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers $133, 380
Financial Managers $131,710
Compensation and Benefits Managers $127,530
Sales Managers $127,490
Human Resources Managers $126,230
Administrative Services and Facilities Managers $99,290
General and Operations Managers $97,970
Management Analysts $93,000
Social and Community Service Managers $74,000

Business managers sometimes work in specific departments. For example, managers are needed in the transportation, marketing, HR, technology, sales, and finance departments of organizations. You may move into a management position after gaining experience at a lower level in one of those areas.

Other managers—such as general, operations, and administrative managers—have a broader set of responsibilities.

This degree could potentially put you into consideration for a top executive role in your company. Depending on your area of experience and interest, you might become a chief executive officer, a chief operating officer, or a chief financial officer.

Business management majors may start in less senior roles, such as marketing specialists or advertising sales representatives, before moving into management positions.

If you start your own company, there’s a good chance that you’ll be at the top. A degree in business management could equip you with the skills to launch your own small business and help it grow.

Bachelor of Business Management Curriculum & Courses

What classes will you take for a business degree in management? You’ll likely have a set of core business courses as well as ones that focus specifically on leadership and management.

These are some possible courses you’ll take:

  • Accounting Principles: You’ll likely take one or more classes that cover the basics of financial accounting and accounting practices and programs.
  • Business Law and Ethics: This course explores not only the legal regulations surrounding business operations but also how to make ethical business decisions and operate with integrity.
  • Decision-Making Practices: Leaders are often responsible for important decisions. This class can help you learn how to use data and modeling to decide your organization’s next course of action.
  • Dynamics of Change: This class discusses how to lead organizations through times of change, whether those are exciting periods of growth or circumstances fraught with hardship.
  • Information Technology: This class covers the fundamentals of computing and technology used in today’s business settings.
  • Marketing and Sales: This class can help you learn how to identify market needs, build relationships with customers, develop your brand, and grow your sales.
  • Oral and Written Communication: A course on business communication can help you improve your ability to communicate one-on-one or in group settings through oral, written, or digital channels.
  • Project Management: This course explores the various phases of business projects and how to lead teams through each one of them.
  • Successful Management: During this class, you’ll likely discuss management theories, explore human behavior, and study the fundamentals of a variety of business disciplines.
  • Workplace Relationships: This course covers topics like conflict management, diversity, interpersonal communication, and team dynamics.

Online schools for business management sometimes include internships or capstone projects in their curricula as well.

How to Choose an Online Business Management Degree Program


Many schools offer online degrees in business management, so you might want to consider these factors as you try to choose the one that’s right for you:

  • Accreditation. It’s strategic to choose a regionally accredited school for your studies to help ensure that your degree will be meaningful and respected.
  • Curriculum. Some schools place more emphasis on statistics and analytics, and others spend more time on communications and team leadership. You might also want to consider whether you’ll be able to select a concentration or sign up for electives.
  • Financial aid package. Tuition costs vary from school to school, and so will your financial aid offers. When figuring out which college will be most affordable for you, it helps to take into account both the per-credit-hour cost and your assistance package.
  • Industry opportunities. A business department may have connections that can help you land a prestigious internship, find a mentor, or attend guest lectures by industry experts.
  • Online schedule. Would you prefer to log in at any time of the day or have set hours when you can interact with other students? Would you like traditional 16 week semesters or year-round, 8 week classes?

If you have questions, admissions counselors and recent students can be helpful resources.

Bachelors Degree in Business Management Admissions Requirements

To apply for business management degree programs, you’ll submit application forms to any colleges you’re considering. The schools may also ask for any of the following:

  • Interview with an admissions counselor
  • Essay or personal statement
  • Highschool and previous college transcripts
  • ACT or SAT scores (only needed at certain schools)

When you apply, you may automatically be considered for certain college-based scholarships. At many schools, the strength of your application materials will determine whether you qualify for such funds.


Choosing a regionally accredited college for your studies can help ensure you’ll receive a reputable education. Regional accreditation is only granted to schools that meet certain standards.

Employers understand the value of accreditation, and they may be more likely to hire applicants with accredited degrees. Going to an accredited school might also help you qualify for industry certifications. Regional accreditation is well regarded by other colleges too.

If you decide to switch universities, you are more likely to be able to transfer credits from accredited programs. An accredited degree is a prerequisite for many masters programs as well.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

You may qualify for financial support as you pursue a business management degree. State governments and the federal government typically offer assistance to college students through grants and loans. Grants, available primarily to low-income students, do not have to be repaid. Loans, available to a wider portion of the population, get repaid after graduation.

Institutional aid comes directly from a college. It often comes in the form of need- or merit-based scholarships that last for 1 year or throughout your program.

Other organizations provide scholarships to qualified candidates as well. You can check industry groups, businesses, and community associations for scholarship opportunities.

Do you plan to go to school while also holding a job? If so, your employer may help you pay for college. Many workplaces offer tuition-assistance programs, especially if increased education could improve your job performance.

What Is a Business Management Degree?

Bachelor in online business management degree programs are designed to prepare students for managerial roles in organizations. To get ready for that level of responsibility, you’ll likely study topics like decision making, interpersonal dynamics, conflict resolution, organizational structure, and business communication.

These programs typically survey business concepts related to accounting, finance, marketing, sales, and information technology as well.

Graduates with business management degrees often take on jobs in small businesses, large companies, consulting firms, nonprofit organizations, and entrepreneurial startups. In addition to holding management positions, graduates often work as business analysts, sales representatives, and bankers.

Is Business Management a Good Major?

Yes, business management is a good major for many undergraduate students. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, management professionals earn a median of $102,450 annually.

Certain jobs within the management field are even more lucrative.

For example, marketing managers earn a median annual salary of $135,030. Some make more than $192,000 each year. The average starting annual wage for sales managers is around $61,000, and experience can lead to higher pay. The median annual income of sales managers is $127,490 (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Plus, business management is a flexible degree that can help prepare you for work in the private sector, a public agency, or your own business.

Is a Business Management Degree a BA or BS?

In college, you could choose to earn either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business Management or a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Management. Understanding the differences could help you decide which to pursue.

BA in Business Management BS in Business Management
  • Liberal arts focus
  • Greater emphasis on communication and team dynamics
  • May have more opportunities for electives from other disciplines
  • Technical focus
  • Greater emphasis on data, finance, and analytics
  • May have a more specific course lineup that students must follow

Some colleges offer both a BA in Business Management and a BS in Business Management, but others specialize in one or the other.

What Can You Do with a Business Management Degree?

Business management graduates often become managers. They may hold supervisory positions in sales, supply chain, or accounting departments. Other areas that need management personnel include HR, marketing, sales, transportation, and facilities.

Management graduates may also have opportunities to become general managers or chief executives. Consulting is another career track to consider. That could involve being a management analyst who works in-house or who’s hired by various companies for short-term consulting projects.

What Does a Business Manager Do?

Business managers usually have a full slate of responsibilities. Some of the most common tasks include analyzing data, making decisions, supervising employees, and improving efficiency. Other jobs on a manager’s plate could involve hiring workers, settling disputes, speaking to clients, and updating technology.

The specific roles business managers are responsible for are dependent on their position.

For example, a facilities manager might pay attention to regulatory compliance and handle conference room schedules. An advertising manager is more likely to coordinate sales personnel, plan ad campaigns, and talk to clients.

Is Business Management Hard?

As a business management major, you will likely take courses that cover a variety of business disciplines, such as accounting, information technology, and project management. A business management program can help you develop foundational knowledge in each of those areas.

Learning to work well with others will likely be another key part of your studies. There might be coursework on business communication, team development, and conflict resolution.

While your curriculum can help you develop such skills, some natural ease with interpersonal relationships is an asset.

Data analysis may be emphasized as well. If so, you’ll do a lot of work with numbers and statistics. Whether or not business management seems hard ultimately depends on your personal interests and skillsets.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Business Management Degree Online?

Bachelor’s degree programs usually last 4 years. Typically, full-time students enroll in two 16 week semesters per year until completing the degree requirements.

Online schools for business management degree may provide options for speeding up the process. For one thing, business degree online programs often use accelerated class formats. Short, 8 week classes are held year-round so that you can take one class after another.

Fast-track programs may let you complete your degree in less time. Previously completed college coursework may further reduce how long it takes to get a degree. Some online colleges will even grant you credit for professional experience.

What Jobs Can You Get with a Business Management Degree?

Some business management graduates go on to become management analysts. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, management analysts often earn between $50,190 and $163,760 annually.

Other graduates take jobs as managers over sales, human resources, transportation, or operations teams.

Business management professionals may also become general managers, whose responsibilities span several departments. Some graduates might go into banking. Possible banking jobs include loan officer and investment banker.

Another option that some people choose to pursue is small business ownership. Some startups eventually grow into large companies.

How Much Does Business Management Make?

Your online business management degree salary will depend on your specific job and circumstances. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides some clues, though, about what you might hope to earn.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for business and finance jobs is $76,570. For management jobs, the median salary is $102,450. Within those categories, salaries vary, of course. For example, management analysts usually earn between $50,190 and $163,760.

Financial managers often make between $77,040 and $208,000. While the average income for chief executives is $179,520, some earn over $208,000.

What’s the Difference between Business Administration vs. Business Management Bachelor Degree?

Business administration and business management are similar fields of study, but there are differences between them. Knowing your goals and interests can help you decide which degree to get.

Bachelor’s in Business Administration Bachelor’s in Business Management
  • More emphasis on technical topics, such as developing long-term business strategies
  • May include concentrations for specific business disciplines
  • Suitable for those just starting in business
  • More emphasis on leadership and interpersonal relationships
  • May provide a broader focus on leadership in business settings
  • More suitable for those with some business experience

Some schools offer a combined program for business administration and management.

Is a Business Management Degree Worth It?

Yes, a business management degree is worth it for many students.

Managers, especially those with a solid education, are needed in nearly all sectors. Employment opportunities could include private businesses, consulting firms, and community service agencies.

Employment opportunities in business are increasing as well. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 8% job growth for business and financial occupations and 9% job growth for management positions over the next decade.

The practical skills and theoretical knowledge you can gain in a management program could help you qualify for roles in these fields.


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