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How to Delete iROKOtv Account – Cancel iROKOtv

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Are you sure you want to delete iROKOtv account or you want to cancel iROKOtv subscription? Learn how to delete iROKOtv account – Cancel iROKOtv.
So to delete your iRokotv account, you have to read and understand the iROKOtv terms of use and condition before you can delete your account.
However, you can cancel your iRokotv subscription or off your auto-renew from the app.
Login to iRokotv account and click on your settings.
Click on your Account and follow the options to cancel iRokotv subscription.

How to Delete iROKOtv Account – Cancel iROKOtv

Step 1. Now Login with your email address and password to access iROKOtv for remainder of your subscription period.

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Step 2. Click on your iROKOtv “PROFILE” on the iRokotv App or website.

Step 3. Once the iRokotv site finished loading, click the iRokotv Cancel subscription options.

Step 4. Click to Cancel my iRokotv subscription and confirm it.

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