Ready to play? Best Method To “Create Spotify Playlist Free” – How To

How do I create Spotify playlist? Recently we receive a lot of mail on how to create spotify playlist.
Why Do you need Spotify Playlist?
Playlists is a better way to save new and best music, either for your own listening or may be you want to share it to family and friends.
Most reason people save music, to listen often, or select best songs from your list or share it.
plenty of people find it difficult to create a playlist. Am going to show you simple method to create spotify playlist with just 4-5 steps. Very simple as ABC.
Note: if you haven’t install Spotify musc player then you have to click this link to DOWNLOAD SPOTIFY MUSIC PLAYER and create your playlist from the app.

How to create Spotify Playlist

First of all, you need to launch your Spotify music player before adding all your songs to spotify playlist just the way you do in other music player. So you have to create this by yourself from this method.

How do I create Spotify playlist

  1. Open your Spotify music media
  2. Tap your Libarary to setup your playlist.
  3. Click or tap CREATE
  4. How do you want your playlist to appear? Give your playlist a name e.g Macsongs,
  5. Best Hiphop, Love Songs etc.
  6. Start adding your songs once you create your playlist.
  7. Now the Spotify will help you along.

You can delete spotify Playlist anytime you feel like and your songs will be save. What more do you want to ask? don’t forget to leave your comment if this article is helpful.


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