FutureLearn Scholarship 2022 c [How to Apply]

This is to inform the international students that the application is open for FutureLearn Scholarship 2022 Innovators. The FutureLearn Scholarship is an amazing opportunity for innovators to become the change they want to see in the world. You bring groundbreaking ideas and raw talent – they’ll bring transformative online learning tools and mentorship.

Ready for a world-class education on your terms? Apply now to land one of four places on the first-ever FutureLearn Scholarship.

We’re looking for big dreamers, future leaders, blue-sky-thinkers, and creative solution makers in the fields of tech, mental health, teaching, and sustainability. All you need to apply is brilliant vision, bold optimism, and out-of-the-box thinking. Reckon your passion and ideas could change the world? We want to hear from you.


Say why you’re special

What is it that makes you and your goals unique? Tell us why the world needs you to make a difference in either tech, mental health, teaching, or sustainability.

Prepare for success

Dive deep into your chosen subject and sound out your ideas with someone you trust. Give yourself loads of time to write, rewrite, and edit your application.

Apply online

When you’re ready, click the apply now button on this page. You’ll need to answer three simple questions and attach a short personal statement (more info below).

We’ll keep you posted

If successful, you’ll get an email inviting you to the final online interview stage. We’ll announce the four scholars (and 100 runners up) on 7 February 2022.


The FutureLearn Scholarship is an amazing opportunity for you to become the change you want to see in the world. You bring groundbreaking ideas and raw talent – we’ll bring transformative online learning tools and mentorship.
As a FutureLearn Scholar you’ll get:

  • £4,000 of free learning from FutureLearn and The Open University.
  • £1,000 that you can use towards home study, specialist learning tools, or equipment.
  • 8 hours of world-class mentorship and coaching from leading industry experts.

We’ll also be offering 100 runners up a free 12-month subscription to FutureLearn Unlimited. That means limitless access to all of FutureLearn’s short courses for a year.

What We’re Looking For

We want the bold and brilliant innovators of the world to speak up and explain how their passion will help them build a better tomorrow. Learn how to apply for the Strathclyde excellence scholarship 2022 funding opportunities

To apply FutureLearn Scholarship 2022 Innovators, answer three simple questions telling us:

  • Which of our four focus subjects inspire you
  • How you’re going to blaze a trail in it
  • Why it’s exciting right now.

Whether you’re serious about sustainability, hooked on coding, passionate about education, or want to lead in mental health, say why your subject area matters and how you’d make the difference.

judging panel

The final stage of your application asks for a short (max. 300 words) but a powerful personal statement that shows us your passion for your subject, as well as why it matters to you and our world.

Our scholarship judging panel consists of seven future-thinking leaders and activists in topics like:

  • Mental health
  • Tech and coding
  • Teaching
  • Climate studies

However you want to make a difference, your application has to catch the eye of:

  • Hussain Manawer: Poet and Mental Health activist
  • Tim Plyming: Managing Director of Paid Short Courses & Microcredentials at The Open University
  • Professor Rachid Hourizi: Director of the Institute of Coding
  • Professor Craig Hassed: Director of Education at Monash Centre for Consciousness and Contemplative Studies
  • Dr. Ella Gilbert: Climate Scientist & Presenter
  • Andria Zafirakou: Winner of the Global Teacher Prize 2018.
  • Rita F. D’Aoust: Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.

Do you have what it takes to become one of the first FutureLearn Scholars?

Step up and apply today. Entry closes 30th November 2021.

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