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Kano State Science & Technical (STSB) 2023/2024 Result

What you need to know about the 2023/2024 STSB Kano result www.stsbkano.ng online.
This is to notify those who wrote Kano State Science & Technical Exams that the Entrance Examination result for both SS & JS
will be release on 20th September, 2023.

Read more: How To Access www.stsbkano.org, STSB KANO Online Registration

You are to check your result online via www.stsbkano.ng for SS/JSS results.
Before you can check STSBKano result, you need to obtian Stsbkano scratch card to check results.

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Entrance Examination 2023/2024 STSB Kano Result www.stsbkano.ng

2022 Entrance Examination has been released. All candidates should use their username and password to check their result.

Steps to secure online Approval

Its is very true that most online Application makes some mistakes which may lead to the disapproval of their Application but on this page you will see all the reasons and factors beside every approval.

Maintain single Profile –

This part is one of its kind and we will be glad if you truly understand what it take to make any easy application from beginning to the end.

Ask question –

Do well did you understand the instructions which was given to you from the registration guide line before proceeding with your Application? Do make a point of duty to ask questions  for more clarification on the go.

Documentation –

Did you make a complete documentation with the recommended document Format like PDF OR DOC or other format which is in the instructions.

Correctness –

How google are you with the spellings and other details you have entered into the form? … the best is to make sure there are correct via spelling which will help you make a better review for easy approval.

Update and Follow up –

Just as you have come to check this result for Kano State Science & Technical (STSB) 2023/2024 Result. You have taken the best steps and guide and you should make sure you login carefully with the use of your Username and date of birth to the official portal.

  • stsb kano result checker

Note: Candidate’s Examination No. is the Username while Date of Birth is the Password.

Click here to check your result

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