Cheapest Universities in France to Consider for International Student

Cheapest Universities in France
Do you wish to study in France, but you are considering whether you can afford their tuition fee? There are cheap universities in France for both indigenes and international students to help your dreams come to reality. The country has amazing universities with good facilities, vast lecturers, spacious lecture halls, etc.

France is one of the countries in the globe recognized for offering high-quality education at a cheap cost to students. For instance, Paris is a beautiful city with lots of luxuries for both students and tourists to have a wonderful experience. Before we will go further, you need to have to know what it feels like to study in France.

Important Facts About Studying in France

The country has recognition for different things such as cultural heritage, artistic, and scientific importance. Also, it is renowned for its architecture which is seen in its edifices. The country has many urban cities, sunny beaches, charming mountain regions, etc. For these reasons, you can’t be bored when you are in France if you have people who are familiar with these places.
The country is linked to some other European countries you can carry out business. On the other hand, the country is home to multinational companies of the world such as Orange, Total, L’oreal, etc. As a result, when you are through with your undergraduate courses, you can apply and study in these companies to gather work experience in your field.


Cheapest Universities in France

  1. University of Paris:

    It is one of the cheap universities in France for international students. The University of Paris is situated in Paris. The school is known to be one of the oldest universities in the European continent. Due to its longevity, it has gathered global recognition for performance in Arts and Humanities right from the Middle Ages.
    As time progresses, the school has introduced numerous academic traditions and standards that have lasted for a long time. Also, it has spread internationally to other countries. In some countries, they are implementing France’s standard of education in both their undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The school can boast of notable personalities like scientists, intellectuals, and royal personalities.

  2. Jean Monnet University:

    In France, it is one of the cheap universities, and it is based in Saint Etienne. In 1969, the public university was created to help students from poor backgrounds get quality education. The school is under the Academy of Lyon gathering different schools in Saint Etienne and Lyon. It is another school you can afford to gain admission especially when you operate on a minimum budget.
    The main campus of Jean Monnet University is located in Tréfilerie. It has diverse courses like law, engineering, human science, economics, etc. Since they have different campuses, one of them is specifically for the study of science and sports. Also, the campus is located in a region where there is less urbanization in the city.

  3. Claude Bernard University:

    The cheap university has major areas of study they cover with their students – science and medicine. They have four campuses located in different cities such as Rockefeller, Gerland, Villeurbanne, and Laennec. Villeurbanne, comprises the main administrative, research facilities, and teaching.
    The school can help put you on the right track in your career because they know about establishing strong intellectuals. The good thing about the school is they are pushing their work across the globe. Since the school campuses are located in places with lively activities, students will be exposed to different things that build their experiences.

  4. Blaise Pascal University:

    It is also called Université Blaise Pascal and is one of the cheap universities in France. In 1854, the university was established as a public institution with its main campus in Clermont-Ferrand. It has other satellite campuses in the Auvergne region. Presently, the school is still accepting students from other countries.
    The school was created by the separation of the university into two different entities. The school was named after a renowned Philosopher and Scientist called Blaise Pascal. The man was born in Clermont and has played a vital role by positively contributing to his society. They offer bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in courses like Science and Technology, Arts and Humanities, Engineering, etc.

  5. Henri Poincare University:

    The university is among the cheap universities in France founded in 1970. If you don’t want any to call it Henri Poincare University, you can call it Nancy 1. It is a public research institution in Nancy, France. At one time, they belong to the French Nancy-Metz Academy.
    In 2012, Henri Poincare University merged with other universities like the National Polytechnic Institute of Lorraine, the University of Paul Verlaine in Mertz, etc. There are various faculties found in these schools such as medical school, sports, dentistry, pharmacy, etc.

  6. Joseph Fourier University:

    In France, it is another cheap university for students wanting to study their dream course without spending much in regards to it. Also, it is regarded as Grenoble I. It is situated in Grenoble city and offers courses such as technologies, health, and sciences. Presently, the school is sort of the Université Grenoble Alpes. The origin of the school can be traced back to when it was founded in 1811 by Scientist Joseph Fourier.
    One thing that is certain in the school is that you will get high-quality education to become proficient in your careers with abundant skills in courses such as medicine, Mathematics, Chemistry, Pharmacology, Environment, Sports Science, Physical Education, etc. The school has many scientific research laboratories and some have partnerships with Grenoble-INP, CNRS, and many others.

  7. Paris 13 University:

    The university came into existence when the Rector of the Academy of Paris decided to create 13 autonomous multidisciplinary institutions. As a result, they replaced the faculties of Villetaneuse and the University of Paris. After the dismantling of the University of Paris, the Chancellor of the University of Paris became the rightful owner of the buildings and lands.
    The school offers room for students to gain access to different academic pieces of training in courses like Communication, Health, Economics, Humanities, Arts, Science, etc. When it comes to reputation, the school has existed for long years. In terms of high-quality teaching, the school possesses it.

If your study destination in Europe is France, you can select any of the cheap universities in France that will support your goal.