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Turkish Student Visa and Residence Permit to Study at Rauf Denktas University

Study at Rauf Denktas University

Turkish Student Visa and Residence Permit to Study at Rauf Denktas University
Rauf Denktas University provides world-standard education and has its programs accredited by a credible external accreditation agency such as The Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA).

Summer 2022, and Fall 2023 applications are now open

Applicants must be a graduate of a recognized High School in their countries to be eligible. In case of a deficiency, help desks are available and bridging courses are offered. Applicants must demonstrate their English Competencies with valid and acceptable certificates such as IELTS, TOEFL, or other. Otherwise, they will be required to take an English Proficiency and Placement Test after their arrival at RDU.

How to Obtain a Student Entry Visa

All the students who have been accepted to pursue their further education at RDU, are required to transfer the tuition fee stated on their conditional acceptance letter before applying for the visa. A copy of the payment bank receipt should be sent to the University’s Registrar’s Office so that an unconditional acceptance letter to be issued. Once it happens, a confirmation letter will be sent to the nearest Turkish / TRNC Embassy by the University in order to introduce the student. Visa applications should be done either at TRNC Representative Office ( https://mfa.gov.ct.tr/consular-info/missions-abroad/ ) or at the Turkish Embassy / Consulate ( www.mfa.gov.tr ) in your country.

All flights and ferries to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) are connected through Turkey. Therefore, all traveling to TRNC is over Turkey. There are frequent flights from major cities (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Antalya) and it takes only 45 to 75 minutes. Ercan International Airport is located at the central position on the island and it takes only a 15-minute drive to our University. Students can also commute to North Cyprus (Kyrenia and Famagusta Harbors) via ferries from Mersin and Antalya Harbors (in Turkey).

How to Obtain an Annual Student Residence Permit

Once a student completes their registration at the University, then their details will be shared with the TRNC Ministry of Interior, Immigration Office, after which they can apply for their annual residence permit.

The qualified students can obtain their residence permit through the following procedure:

  1. Visit: https://permissions.gov.ct.tr/staypermit/login and create a portal as a new user (Yeni Kayit)
  2. After creating an account, you will receive login details via SMS and Email.
  3. Using the first-time login details, log into the portal and change the password as you wish.
  4. Apply for Health and Medical check-ups.
  5. Once you do the medical check-up test, you should wait for a week.
  6. After a week, relog into your portal and pay the residence permit fee.
  7. Your Residence Permit will be issued and ready to download within 3 days.

Tuition Fees

Undergraduate Tuition Fee Information

All overseas students will be granted a 50% scholarship. RDU offers a limited number of 100%, 80%, and 65% scholarships to outstanding students as well.

At RDU, high honor incentive scholarships are available and students could be recruited as assistants and offered jobs in the University.

Students from the same family (siblings, cousins) and with outstanding achievements in sports will have an 80% scholarship.

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The tuition fee for all the programs is $13.000 annually. All international students are granted a 50% scholarship and their annual tuition fee is $6.500 accordingly.
A student with 50%, 65%, 80% or 100% scholarships has to pay $3.250, $2.275, $1.300 or $850 respectively in order to receive an acceptance letter from the Registrar’s Office.
At RDU, high honour incentive scholarships are also available. There are other opportunities for part−time employment on the University premises (e.g. library, international office, sports facilities, etc.)

For English Preparatory Program, all the course materials are included in the fees.


Normal Fee
1st Term: $6.500
Annual: $13.000

50% 1st Term: $3.250
Annual: $6.500

65% 1st Term: $2.275
Annual: $4.550

80% 1st Term: $1.300
Annual: $2.600

100% Annual: $850

Bank Account Information

You may use the following bank account information for money transactions. When you make a payment, please email us the transaction receipt of your fee payment so that we can issue the acceptance letter for your visa application (for those requiring a visa to travel to North Cyprus).

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IBAN: TR97 0006 4000 0026 8130 0134 37


Account No: 6813 – 13437 Held at ISBANK Arasta-Nicosia/TRNC Branch

Remittance Information: Student Name and Surname Last digits of the reference number are found at the top of the acceptance letter.

Before Arrival Form
After Arrival Form

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