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How to Access Your Surge Credit Card Login & Surge MasterCard Login

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Many people are confused about the surge credit card login and Surge MasterCard Login account.
There are things we want you to know about Surge Credit card and MasterCard and how to login in with one account been Credit card or MasterCard.
First of all kindly download Surge internet app or visit the web page to access Surge card login account quickly and easily.

In this surge credit card login process, we are going to how to access surge card login, credit card payment or how to receive credit card payments using surge card.
Surge credit card is perfect people who are working on improving their card score and unable to apply for other online credit cards.

Planing to apply for surge credit card to card sign in guide, the process is very simple for you as our reader.

How to Access surge credit card login?

  1. First of all. All users are to visit  the homepage of surge credit card i.e., or the login app
  2. Click the login page and then tap the image of continental finance credit card.
  3. You will be redirected to Sign In/login

    Surge Credit Card Login

    Surge Card Sign In

  4. Enter your Login details such as Username and Password.
  5. Click the Surge submit button for Credit card sign in.
  6. Now you will redirected to the Surge Card login to manage your account.

Surge Credit Card Password Reset

If you have forgotten your login details, then you can follow these simple steps to recover account back.

  1. From the Surge credit card sign home page.
  2. At the end of the Surge card login bottom, click the ‘Forgot Password. Once you click on the Forgot Password link, you will be redirected to password recovery page.
  3. If you can’t remember your Username, click the forgot Username and submit it. You will be required to fill in your account number on the recovery page.
  4. Forgot password? Click the forgot password and submit it. You also required to provide your account number on the recovery page.
    Choose a password that you will remember and a password that is easy for you.

How to Receive Credit Card Payments

Choose the way you want to receive credit cards but this will depend on where you’re taking the payments.
To accept credit cards in-store, businesses need a card reader or Marchant account. If you want to receive credit card online then you need eCommerce site and a payment gateway.

  • POS System
  • Merchant Account
  • Payment Gateway
  • Purchase Needed Equipment

Select one of these system and follow the steps to receive credit card payment.

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