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How Can I Access My login.microsoftonline.com Account?

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Login.microsoftonline.com page is easy to access and manage your account online.
However, login.live.com & login.microsoftonline.com can be confusing for users who are not familiar with this sign in pages.

The @(Microsoft Windows Live ID) or @(O365 Business ID)

The login.live.com or login.microsoftonline.com, are two different pages but has the same background which make it look the same. Many users have no idea about this two sign in pages but that’s the account should i use.

For personal use and business use, I think it’s good to distinguish the Microsoft login portal background more meaningful.

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login.live.com is for paternal use while login.microsoftonline.com is for business use such as schools (edu) and other offices.

To use Office 365 to sign into your account, you have to install Office 365 for your Desktop onto your computer. There is a link where you can follow that will walk through what you want to do for both PC and Mac.
This will help to enable your current office applications to work perfectly with Office 365.

What you need to learn today is how to sign in using login.microsoftonline.com to access Microsoft online sign in page.

Note: If you are not yet a member, you will not be able to login or access the Microsoft online.com sign in page to manage account. First of all, complete Microsoft online registration from and feel free to sign into your account.

How Can I Access My login.microsoftonline.com

  1. Go to www.office.com, a welcome to Office not will show on the screen.
  2. Click Get Office, if you are not yet a member.
  3. Now Click Sign In button to login and manage Microsoft Office account.Login.microsoftonline.com
  4. Enter your Email address or other User details.
  5. Type in your Password
  6. Tap the Sign In button to manage your account.

If you can not sign in with your password or User ID or email address then click the ‘Forgot password or Email button.

A form will come out where you will be required to reset your login details.

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