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How to Immigrate to Luxembourg from US 2022

In case you want to immigrate to Luxembourg from US 2022, there are a lot you need to learn to apply for US visa from Luxembourg and gain approval to live in US.

Luxembourg is one of the most appealing investment and work destinations in Europe, thus attracting various categories of immigrants. American citizens interested in relocating here will find plenty of opportunities for development here.

The procedure for those who want to move to Luxembourg from US is not complicated, however, American citizens must comply with the visa requirements imposed by the local authorities.

Below, our lawyers in Luxembourg explain the procedure related to immigrating from the US. We can also provide the necessary support to those seeking to immigrate to Luxembourg from the USA.

Types of visas for American citizens immigrating to Luxembourg

Those who want to immigrate to Luxembourg from the US must apply for a short or long-term type of visa, depending on the duration of their stay.

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Luxembourg is an EU and Schengen member state which enables those who are permanent residents of the Grand Duchy to travel freely on other member countries. This is also available for US citizens who obtain permanent residency here.

Here are the main types of visas one can apply to immigrate to Luxembourg from US:

  1. work permits which can be obtained after finding Luxembourg employers;
  2. business visas can also be obtained by those coming for commercial purposes here;
  3. long-term residence permits must be obtained by American citizens seeking to stay here for more than 3 months;
  4. sports residence permits enter a special category of visas available for basketball players.

If you need information on any of the types of visas presented above, our Luxembourg lawyers can advise you.

Short-term immigration to Luxembourg from US

In most cases, US citizens do not need to apply for short-term visas if they plan to stay in Luxembourg for a maximum period of 3 months. The situations that exempt them from applying for short-term visas refer to their stay in Luxembourg for no more than 90 days in 12-month period when it comes to business visits, or for tourism or family-based reasons which allows them to stay in the Grand Duchy for a maximum of 90 days during a 6-months period without applying for any type of visa. Learn how to apply for US visa here

US citizens staying in Luxembourg on a short-term basis need to have a valid passport for at least 6 months. Once arrived in the country, they must register with the local municipality within 3 days from entering the country.

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If you have any questions about short-term relocation to the Grand Duchy as an American citizen, you can rely on our immigration lawyers in Luxembourg for detailed answers.

Long-term immigration to Luxembourg from US

US citizens immigrating to Luxembourg and planning to stay here for more than 3 months must apply for residence permits. The simplest way of immigrating to Luxembourg from US for long-term stays is by starting a business here or by obtaining a job with a local employer.

Our law firm in Luxembourg can offer more information on immigration from the USA as businessperson, student or employee.

Visa applications in the case of those who want to live in Luxembourg for long periods of time are processed by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

Procedure for Immigrate to Luxembourg from US 2022

US citizens interested in moving to Luxembourg from USA for more than 3 months must apply for the long-stay or D-type visa. Before applying for it, the candidate must obtain a temporary authorization from the Immigration Directorate which is part of the above-mentioned Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The application depends on the immigration reason of the US citizen and different procedures apply to the following categories of candidates:

  • employees;
  • self-employed persons;
  • highly qualified employees;
  • students;
  • sportsmen;
  • researchers;
  • trainees.

Prior to the expiry of the temporary authorization, the applicant must file for the long-term visa with the Immigration Directorate. Apart from the application form which must be submitted in two copies, the US citizens must also submit two recent photographs, a copy of the valid passport and the temporary authorization.
You can rely on the support of our lawyers for filing the necessary paperwork when relocating to Luxembourg from US.

Why relocate to Luxembourg from US

There are plenty of reasons to choose Luxembourg as your European country of destination if you want to move to Luxembourg from the USA. Among these are:

  • almost 44% of its population is made of foreign citizens;
  • Luxembourg’s population is made of approximately 116 nationalities;
  • despite its size (2,600 km2), it is one of the most prosperous economies in Europe.

If you want to immigrate to Luxembourg from US 2022, please contact our law firm or if you live in Luxembourg then you can kindly walk to the Luxembourg embassy office for further inquiries.

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