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China Visa Lottery 2023/2024 Online Application Guide to Apply

China Visa Lottery

There are steps that will guide you to apply for the upcoming China visa lottery 2023/2024. Learn how to apply visa lottery application online but you need to ask yourself the reason you need to apply for the online visa lottery for a China trip.

What is your aim in making a trip to China? There are different types of visas available for you in the China Visa Lottery. Kindly read through this page to see how you can make your application successful here.

I am pleased to inform you that China Visa Lottery is available. If you are interested in traveling to China then this post is all you need. Here, we have the requirements and how you can apply for this China Visa Lottery.

This post will assist interested and qualified applicants in the China Visa Lottery 2023/2024. Are you interested in making a trip to China or relocating to China? If yes, then this post will assist you in making your dream come true. Kindly read through this post and follow the instructions here.

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We would be showing our esteemed readers the different types of Chinese Visas, such as Business Visa, Student Visa, etc. Just follow us as we put you through the steps to take before you complete the China Visa lottery 2023/2024 application.

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Chinese Visa – Business Class

The following are documents/requirements an applicant must possess for Business Class for a Chinese Visa

  • Proof of accommodation in China for the duration you are staying (like a hostel, hotel, etc.)
  • Return air ticket confirmed
  • Original copy of Health status from a recognized hospital
  • Two copies of a recent passport photograph with blue or white background
  • A copy of a letter of invitation from the hosting company in China.
  • An original copy of the certificate of incorporation from your company in your country
  • A bank statement showing the status of your account balance in all your bank accounts (for the company and personal)

Chinese Visa – Student Class

All applicants going to China must possess the following documents before making an application for the Chinese Visa lottery 2023:

  • Educational certificates up to the highest level of education
  • Recent passport photograph with white or blue background
  • A copy of the international passport data of the sponsor
  • Letter of approval from sponsor, and country ministry of education
  • Bank state of a sponsor with the detailed status of the account balance in all his/her account
  • Present original copy of international passport data page
  • Health status certificate from a recognized hospital
  • Students from Nigeria going for Diploma or Certificate programs must present an NDLEA certificate
  • An original copy of the Birth certificate and marriage certificate (if married)

How to Apply for China Visa lottery 2023

To apply, kindly consult the Chinese Embassy in your home country and enquire about the process of making an application. Do not apply for the China Visa Lottery without making due consultation at the embassy. Find out more about American visa sponsorship >>> see the full approval guideline

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