American Visa lottery 2021 (Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery) – How to Apply

Visa Lottery to the USA is what I will be briefing you on in this article. It is very simple to immigrate to the United States but there are rules and conditions you need to follow if you must do that. American Visa lottery 2021 is on now and you have to apply through the official website if you wish to immigrate to the United States via a lottery draw.

Visa Lottery to the USA

American Visa lottery 2021

Before now, we have discussed so much about visa lottery be it Australia visa lottery, France visa lottery, Canada visa lottery, and UK visa lottery. If you have been following our website you will see so many visa lotteries available for 2021.


The only method to apply for the Visa lottery to the USA is through an online application. Once you have visited the site, you will be required to supply all your details correctly because any misleading information will lead to disqualification. So adhere to the conditions strictly.

After so many articles on visa lottery applications, I still receive countless queries concerning how to immigrate to the United States and how to win visa lottery applications during selections. Now, for those that are yet to know much about the visa lottery to the USA, this is an opportunity for you.

Do you have to pay for the American Visa lottery 2021?

You are required to pay a fee for this diversity visa lottery application if you are doing it by yourself but if someone is processing it for you then, you can as well pay for processing fees. A lot of people have fallen victims to scam from people who claim to be USA visa lottery agents. Do not fall victim, please. Be wise!

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Notice: Nigerians are no longer eligible for the Diversity Visa Lottery. Only people that were born outside of Nigeria or have parents that were born outside of Nigeria are eligible for the Diversity Visa. If you were born in Nigeria to Nigerian-born parents, you are not eligible for the visa lottery.

The Immigration Act of 1990 established the Diversity Visa (DV) program, where 55,000 immigrant visas would be available in an annual lottery, starting in the fiscal year 1995. The lottery aims to diversify the immigrant population in the United States, by selecting applicants mostly from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States in the previous five years.

This article will guide you to the right steps to apply for a diversity visa. Before you proceed to apply, please first read the DV instructions to avoid making any mistakes during your online application.

Countries Eligible for American Visa lottery 2021

To enter the diversity visa lottery you must be a native of a qualified country. Below are some of the countries that are not eligible to apply for visa lottery to the USA:

  • Bangladesh
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China (Including Hong Kong SAR)
  • Colombia
  • Dominican Republic
  • El Salvador
  • Haiti
  • Honduras
  • India
  • Jamaica
  • Mexico
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • South Korea
  • United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland)
  • Vietnam

Note that the United Kingdom includes the following dependent areas: Anguilla, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Montserrat, Pitcairn, St. Helena, and the Turks and Caicos Islands. Northern Ireland does qualify.

  1. Persons born in the Gaza Strip are chargeable to Egypt for the USA Diversity Visa Lottery this year.
  2. Persons born in Macau SAR and Taiwan are also eligible to enter the DV-2023 Lottery.
  3. Natives from all other countries may register for this year’s DV-Lottery, the USA DV-2023 Diversity Visa Lottery.

According to the website, If you were born in one of the non-qualifying DV-Lottery countries you may still qualify You may still be able to participate in the USA Diversity Visa Lottery based on the country of birth of your parents or spouse if you were born in a non-qualifying country:

For example, if you were born in a country whose natives are ineligible to enter the green card lottery, but your spouse was born in a country whose natives are eligible to enter the green card lottery, you can claim your spouse’s country of birth as your country of eligibility.

I.e. you may claim charge ability to the country where your derivative spouse was born, provided that both you and your spouse are on the selected green card lottery application, but you will not be issued a diversity visa green card unless your spouse is also eligible for and issued a diversity visa green card, and both of you must enter the United States together with the diversity visa green cards.

Example: If you were born in Canada, whose natives are ineligible to enter the green card lottery, but your spouse was born in Spain, whose natives are eligible to enter the green card lottery, you can claim your spouse’s country of birth (Spain) as your country of eligibility as long as you include your spouse on your green card lottery application.

In a similar manner, a minor dependent child can be “charged” to a parent’s country of birth.

Finally, if you were born in a country not eligible to participate in this year’s diversity visa green card program, you can be “charged” to the country of birth of either of your parents as long as neither parent was a resident of your country of birth at the time of your birth.

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For example, your parents might have lived temporarily in the ineligible country because of their jobs. In general, people are not considered residents of a country in which they were not born or legally naturalized if they are only visiting the country, studying in the country temporarily, or stationed in the country for business or professional reasons on behalf of a company or government.

If you claim alternate charge ability, you must indicate such information on the Diversity Lottery entry form that you must complete after you have registered successfully, under the country of Eligibility for the American Visa lottery 2021. Please be aware that listing an incorrect country of eligibility or charge ability (i.e. one to which you cannot establish a valid claim) may disqualify your entry.

For more Requirements Approval for American Visa lottery 2021 Sponsorship Program

How to Apply for US Visa Lottery

To apply for the green card lottery there are steps you must have to follow. If you think you can boycott the right step by step and think you can win a US visa lottery then you must be joking.

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  1. Apply Online. every online Application and steps are easy of which you will see as you proceed with your application today.
  2. Choose a Lottery Plan and pay the application fee. Have a look at our Application Plans and choose the plan that best suits you.
  3. Upload your photo(s)Upload your photo(s) and let our immigration team assist you in getting everything 100% correct.
  4. Photo(s) approved. Our immigration team will validate each photo and approve it only when it is 100% correct. If any of your photos need to be corrected or validated, we will inform you.
  5. Application approved. Our team will make a final evaluation of your application and approve it before it is submitted to the US Government.
  6. The application is submitted to the US Government. We will submit your application to the US. Government at the right time and in the right place.
  7. A confirmation number is received from the US Government. When we receive the submission confirmation number sent from the US Government, we will upload the number to your personal account. Keep this number safe, as this is your proof that your application has been submitted successfully and officially approved.
  8. Your application will now be part of the lottery drawing. The drawing is 100% random and carried out by the US Government.
  9. Winner notification received directly by us. The US Government will select 100,000 winners or more, and as soon as they do, you will be notified directly by us, so that we can assist you in filing the Visa Application form with the U.S. Consulate.
    There are ONLY 50,000 diversity visas available. Because it is likely that some of the first 50,000 applicants who are selected will not qualify for visas or pursue their cases to obtain a visa, more than 50,000 applications will be selected by the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC), so as to ensure that all of the available Diversity Visa visas are issued.
    However, this also means that there will not be a sufficient number of visas for all those who are initially selected. It is therefore very important to act promptly when your application is selected. We will assist you so you have the best chance of obtaining one of the 50,000 diversity visas available.
  10. Visa application documents are submitted to the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC). We forward the visa application forms to you, and we will assist you with filling out the forms, as it is quite complicated.
    It is very important to get it all right the first time and before it is sent to the U.S. Consulate. Failing to fill out the forms or send them correctly will lead to a visa interview disqualification, and losing your chance to obtain one of the 50,000 diversity visas available.
  11. Visa appointment interview letter received from the KCC. After the KCC has reviewed your completed application, you will receive an e-mail from them to let you know that an interview has been scheduled at the U.S Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence.
  12. Preparing for the visa interview at the U.S. Consulate. It is very important that you are well prepared before you go for the visa interview; we will assist you and give you all the necessary guidelines.
  13. Visa interview at your local U.S. Consulate. During the visa interview, the Immigration officer will go through all your documents and ask you questions.
  14. Temporary travel visa (immigrant visa) Issued to Enter the USA After the successful visa interview, the Immigration officer will issue you an immigrant visa to enter the United States. You need to have an immigrant visa granted in order to enter the U.S., and you must have your temporary proof of green card status stamped on your passport at the first American airport in which you land (called the “Port of Entry”).
  15. Moving to the USA. If you have selected the additional offers “Free Flights” or “Free Movement,” we will arrange for flight tickets and/or the shipment of your personal belongings from your country of residence to your new home in the USA.
  16. Green Card Issued. Your actual Green Card will arrive in the mail 3-4 weeks after you arrive, at the United States address that you provided.

Hope this was helpful?